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The Burning Crusade - Patch 2.1: The Black Temple trailer is the official trailer for Patch 2.1.0. The trailer is shown as a story told by Akama of remembering the past of the Black Temple and the world of Draenor and Outland and stating his intention to betray Illidan Stormrage.

At several points, it reveals events of lore: the orcs' attack on the Temple of Karabor and the draenei journey into hiding in Zangarmarsh; Gul'dan's raising of the volcano that bears his name; Ner'zhul opening his portals, leading to the creation of Outland; the arrival of Magtheridon and, later, of Illidan Stormrage; Akama, Kael'thas Sunstrider, and Lady Vashj aiding Illidan in sealing Magtheridon's portals before the final battle; and finally, Illidan claiming Black Temple.



IconSmall Akama Akama: I remember the Temple as it used to be: a place of worship.
IconSmall Akama Akama: I prayed within its chambers and meditated among its gardens. I was happy then; at peace.
IconSmall Akama Akama: I remember, too, the day the orcs came.
IconSmall Akama Akama: That day marked by cries of war and torrents of blood where terrified women and children huddled in darkened corners.
IconSmall Akama Akama: I led many to safety, but many more paid the ultimate price.
IconSmall Akama Akama: That day my beloved sanctuary became the Black Temple.
IconSmall Akama Akama: There the orc warlocks practiced their twisted magic that corrupted the land and nearly destroyed us all.
IconSmall Akama Akama: Even after the Horde's reckless sorcery tore the planet apart, my people were unable to find a lasting sanctuary.
IconSmall Akama Akama: I remember the armies of demons that swept down on us like a plague.
IconSmall Akama Akama: During these dark times, the one called Magtheridon made the Temple his home.
IconSmall Akama Akama: Then came Illidan...
IconSmall Akama Akama: The one they called the Betrayer; the enemy of my enemy.
IconSmall Illidan Illidan Stormrage: Magtheridon lures scores of hapless demons through them daily.
IconSmall Kael'thas Kael'thas Sunstrider: Then we must seal them permanently.
IconSmall Akama Akama: We helped him seal the portals of Outland and cut off the Legion's reinforcements.
IconSmall Akama Akama: We fought with renewed strength, and together we reclaimed our sacred ground.
IconSmall Akama Akama: I think part of me knew even then, that the Black Temple had only traded one evil master for another.
IconSmall Akama Akama: I prefer to remember the Temple as it used to be; not the abomination it has become.
IconSmall Akama Akama: My soul bears the burden of my misjudgment, but I have been patient; I have been waiting.
IconSmall Akama Akama: And when the time is right, the Betrayer will become... the betrayed.


  • The trailer was unofficially remastered on March 30, 2019, by IKedit, using updated models while also keeping the exact same scenes.