Blackrock War Kodos in Black Tooth Hovel.

The statue of Lothar.

Black Tooth Hovel, formerly the Pillar of Ash, is located in central Burning Steppes. It serves as a camp for members of the Blackrock clan and their allies, including ogres of the Firegut tribe and trolls of the Smolderthorn tribe. It is overseen by Quartermaster Kaoshin.

Blackrock War Kodos graze in the southern field.

The only other object of interest here is a huge statue of Anduin Lothar, presumably marking where he fell in battle. Curiously the Blackrock orcs seem to ignore it. A single Lotharian Lotus can also be found there.


The name of the hovel is a reference to the Black Tooth Grin clan, who merged with the Blackrock clan.


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It is possible that Lothar's statue has been left untouched by the Blackrock as it would not be worth the time or resources to destroy, and quite possibly it would only bring down the ire of Stormwind City upon them. It is also possible they left the statue untouched out of respect for the skills of the former Supreme Commander.

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