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Blackfeather tribe.jpg
Main leader Unknown
  Formerly Neutral  Cukkaw †
Race(s) Wildkin Wildkin
Base of operations Stormtorn Foothills, Blackfeather Altar
Theater of operations Stormheim
Language(s) Unknown
Status Active

The Blackfeather[1] wildkin inhabit Stormtorn Foothills in Stormheim. When the Brood of Nithogg began attacking their tribe, Chieftain Cukkaw tried to appease the dragons. With help of an adventurer, the chieftain was able to gather all the requirements.[2]

After saving a few of his brethren with the adventurer's help, Cukkaw proceeds to the Blackfeather Altar with the adventurer. The two perform the ritual and were able to summon Nithogg. Unfortunately, he wasn't impressed and killed the chieftain in front of the adventurer, leaving his tribe leaderless.[3]




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