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For the organization in service of Baron Rivendare of Stratholme, see Black Guard. For the Shado-Pan group, see Shado-Pan#Blackguard.
A human warrior with Blackguard

Blackguard is a one-handed sword which provides a bonus to both stamina and chance to parry. It was a favorite weapon for dual wielders to use in their off-hand in classic WoW.


This item is created with Blacksmithing (300); taught by  [Plans: Blackguard].

Materials required:
Spell nature earthquake.png 6x [Lava Core] Spell fire flamebolt.png 6x [Fiery Core]
Inv misc stonetablet 05.png 10x [Arcanite Bar] Inv ingot mithril.png 6x [Dark Iron Bar]
Inv stone 02.png 12x [Guardian Stone]

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