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Image of Blackhand
Title Warchief of the Horde[1]
The Destroyer
Gender Male
Race Orc
Class Warrior
Affiliation(s) Horde, Blackrock clan
Occupation Warchief of the Horde, Chieftain of the Blackrock clan
Location Azeroth
Status Deceased
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Blackhand was the Warchief of the Horde, and the mightiest warrior the Horde had ever known.[2] Although a ruthless war leader, he still held respect for tradition, placing honor above victory or even his own survival.

After passing through the Great Gate, Blackhand led the orcish warband on their raids of the denizens of the Eastern Kingdoms. Following the battle at the Great Gate, he challenged Anduin Lothar to mak'gora, where he was defeated by the human warrior.



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Blackhand was made Warchief of the Horde by Gul'dan in Draenor.[3] Commanding the many orcish clans, he passed through to Azeroth with the initial warband.

Blackhand began to lead raids on the nearby human settlements, taking food and prisoners where possible to fuel the opening of the Great Gate. Despite this, Blackhand seemed to share the Frostwolves' disdain for the one-sided nature of their attacks, wishing to find a worthy foe to fight.

Such a foe was found when the orcs ambushed a group of armed humans in Elwynn Forest. While the orcs killed most of the knights with ease, Blackhand sought combat with the human leader, who had already dispatched a number of orcs. Although quickly overpowering Lothar, Blackhand was taken by surprise when the small contraption in the human's hand exploded, destroying the orc's hand. When Medivh cast a spell killing the fel-corrupted orcs, Blackhand quickly realized the tides of battle had turned, and retreated from the scene.

On returning to the orc camp, Blackhand was summoned by Gul'dan, where he was told that, according to tradition, the punishment for his failure was death. Despite the loss of his hand, Blackhand showed no pain, and resignedly submitted himself for this punishment, setting the fel fire to consume his arm and soon his entire body. However, Durotan intervened, severing Blackhand's arm, and arguing that it was not the warchief that was to blame for the failure of the attack, but rather Gul'dan's fel magic. Blackhand would later be equipped with a mighty claw in place of his missing hand, with five huge metal blades in place of fingers.

Blackhand led the ambush on the Frostwolves' meeting with the humans, where he again met Lothar, but before he was able to resume where he had left off, the two were separated by Medivh's impenetrable wall of lightning. However, he found a prize in Lothar's son, intervening to prevent Grommash Hellscream from killing him. Blackhand killed Lothar's son as his father watched, deliberately using his prosthetic weapon to repay the human for the loss of his hand.

Later, during the Battle at the Great Gate, Blackhand led the Horde against the human attack, and, when the Horde had the humans surrounded, he began to push his way through, wanting the honor of killing the human king for himself. However, at Llane's insistance, Garona killed him before Blackhand could reach them.

Anduin Lothar would then arrive, fighting through the Horde with his griffin, and recovering the King's body. Before Lothar could escape, however, Blackhand caught his griffin by the leg and slammed both it and Lothar to the ground. When Lothar regained consciousness, Blackhand tossed his sword to him, challenging him to a Mak'gora to finally settle the score between them. Blackhand charged, but Lothar slid between his legs and slashed his midsection, badly wounding him. Blackhand dropped to his knees, and Lothar stabbed him in the back, killing him and winning the Mak'gora. Lothar's honorable victory earned him the respect of the orcs, who let him leave unharmed, much to Gul'dan's anger.

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