NeutralBlackmane Mercenaries
Captain Ripflesh.jpg
Main leader IconSmall Gnoll.gif Captain Ripflesh
Race(s) IconSmall Gnoll.gif Gnoll
Base of operations Unknown
Theater of operations Zouchin Strand
Affiliation Independent (eventually hired by the Zandalar tribe)
Status Active

The Blackmane Mercenaries is an all-gnoll mercenary group that are currently at work for the Zandalar tribe in the Zouchin Strand. Led by Captain Ripflesh and taking orders from the Zandalari Overlord, the Blackmane Mercenaries were sent to collect supplies, such as the  [Stolen Pandaren Spices],[1] but their captain also murdered all of the pandaren living along the strand, save for Sage Liao, who now seeks revenge.[2]



  • They seem to have been affiliated with the Southsea Pirates at some point in development, though no longer.


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