Blackmaw Hold.

Blackmaw Hold is a large village of Blackmaw tribe furbolgs along the northern mountain range of Azshara. The furbolg here are aggressive towards outsiders and especially unhappy with the Bilgewater Cartel's modifications of the surrounding area. The Hold includes several camps linked by crude fencing, a bone pit used by shamans, what appears to be a garden or graveyard, a giant guardian totem, and the hold itself which has a distinct bear-head-shaped entrance. The area includes a shallow canyon called the Blackmaw Scar[1] near the village filled with snails. Blackmaw Hold itself has been the capital of the tribe since before the War of the Ancients, over 10,000 years ago.[2]

The night elves attempted to form an alliance with the Blackmaws, but Horde spies sabotaged their meeting, killing many furbolg in and around the hold.[3]



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