NeutralBlackmaw tribe
Main leader IconSmall DireFurbolg.gif Ungarl
Race(s) Furbolg Furbolg
Character classes Warrior, Shaman, Hunter
Capital Blackmaw Hold
Theater of operations Azshara
Language(s) Furbolg
Affiliation Independent
  Formerly Timbermaw tribe,[1] Kaldorei Resistance
Status Active

The Blackmaw tribe is one of the few furbolg tribes to have escaped corruption after the Third War.


During the War of the Ancients the Blackmaw fought against the Burning Legion and Unng Ak served as their representative in the Kaldorei Resistance.[2] The Blackmaw would later become one of the few tribes of furbolgs to have escaped corruption after the Third War and would later settle in Blackmaw Hold in northwestern Azshara, at the former location of the closed entrance to Timbermaw Hold.

As the Horde and the goblins of the Bilgewater Cartel began to aggressively settle Azshara the Blackmaw would harass their forces and diplomatically engage the night elves from Talrendis Point in order to establish a treaty.[3] However Horde agents would discover this and sabotage negotiations between the night elven diplomats and the Blackmaw chieftain Ungarl by deceiving the Blackmaw and turning them against the Alliance.[4]


  • Unng Ak
  • Blackmaw Furbolg
  • Blackmaw Warrior (Legion)
  • Blackmaw Pathfinder (Legion)
  • Blackmaw Shaman (Legion)