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Blackrock Depths (pet battle)

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For other uses, see Blackrock Depths (disambiguation).
Blackrock Depths
Location Blackrock Depths, Blackrock Mountain
Instance info
Type Scenario
Advised level 120
Player limit 1

Blackrock Depths is the fifth pet battle dungeon. This solo scenario involves returning to Blackrock Depths to investigate the Shadow Figures.


The base of the Shadow Figures is found!

Official preview

It's time to marshal your menagerie and put your best battle pets forward in the volcanic labyrinth of Blackrock Depths, a new Pet Battle Dungeon with Normal and Challenge difficulties available with the release of Visions of N'Zoth.

At long last, we've discovered the secret headquarters of the sinister group that has been conducting vile experiments on critters across Azeroth. Soon, Pet Battle Dungeon challengers will be able to embark on the final fight to stop their machinations and reveal the truth behind this shadowy organization.

To get started on your journey, you’ll need to have completed the four previous Pet Battle Dungeon quests: "Wailing Critters," "The Deadmines Strike Back," "Gnomeregan's New Guardians," and "Tiny Terrors of Stratholme." Once all four quest lines have been completed at Normal or Challenge difficulty, you'll be able to accept a new quest from Tizzy Gearjolt in Boralus or Radek Fuselock in Dazar'alor and begin your Blackrock Depths pet battle journey.[1]

Getting started



Maps and subregions



Stage 1 – The Lair of Shadows

  • Enter the arena.
  • Approach the center of the arena.

Stage 2 – The First Challenger

  • Defeat Horu Cloudwatcher in a pet battle.
  • Horu Clodwatcher Defeated
Therin Skysong says: Ah, the hero has arrived. I warned you that I had predicted your next four moves. We've all been waiting for you.
Tasha Riley says: I see you finally decided to visit our base of operations. Unfortunately, you're far too late.
Tasha Riley says: My elite team has collected everything we need to construct a weapon beyond imagination.
Tasha Riley says: Horu! Greet our guest!
Horu Cloudwatcher says: As I told you back in the Wailing Caverns... I'm not much of a fighter...
Horu Cloudwatcher says: But... I AM the best pet trainer on Azeroth! Who do you think came up with Black Claw and Hunting Party? That was me!
Speaking with Horu

I have trained for years, are you ready for this?

Gossip Begin pet battle.

Stage 3 – Uncaged

  • Defeat the uncaged beast.

Stage 4 – Futile Resistance

  • Defeat Therin Skysong in a pet battle.

Stage 5 – Desperate Measures

  • Defeat the uncaged creatures.

Stage 6 – They Have a New Plan

  • Defeat Alran Heartshade in a pet battle.

Stage 7 – Smash it Up

  • Defeat Zuna Skullcrush in a pet battle.

Stage 8 – The Final Countdown

  • Defeat Tasha Riley in a pet battle.

Final Stage – They Spent Years on That?

  • Battle against Pixy Wizzle and defeat their "powerful weapon".

Bosses and denizens



Accompanying pets

Some bosses have accompanying help that vary each fight: ...

Other bosses



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