AllianceBlackrock Depths
Start Aysa Cloudsinger
End Moira Thaurissan
Level 50-60
Category Dark Iron Dwarf
Rewards 23g 40s
Previous B [10-50] A Choice of Allies
Next A [50-60] The MOTHERLODE!!: Ironfoe


Speak with Moira at the Stormwind Embassy to travel to Blackrock Depths.

  • Blackrock Depths scenario completed


Have you heard how the Dark Iron dwarves joined the Alliance? It was a most unusual turn of events.

Brave heroes of the Alliance had been fighting the Dark Iron dwarves for years until a schism happened in their ranks.

Moira Thaurissian, estranged daughter of the former dwarven king Magni Bronzebeard, was leading a faction of the Dark Iron dwarves.

Moira wished to aid the Alliance. This began with an offer to help research Azerite and its potential uses within Blackrock Depths...


You will receive: 23g 40s


The mind o' a dwarf is a glorious thing.


Meddlin' goblin bastards!

<Moira takes a deep breath.>

Sorry, I just canna abide those green miscreants any longer.


Map of Blackrock Depths.

Talk to Moira:

Gossip (Quest) I am ready to go to Blackrock Depths.

This begins the Blackrock Depths scenario.

The Black Anvil

Players enter the scenario in the Hall of Crafting in Shadowforge City. Meet with Moira and walk with her to the Black Anvil.

Moira Thaurissan says: Thanks fer comin', <name>.
Moira Thaurissan says: I've had me best workin' on refinin' Azerite since it first appeared in our depths.
Moira Thaurissan says: They're makin' progress. Anduin keeps askin' fer updates seems like every day, so I thought I'd show ye what we've learned.

A Bit o' Azerite

  • Description: Put Azerite on the Black Anvil.
  • Azerite placed on the Black Anvil (0/1)
Moira Thaurissan says: Thaelin, Thurgaden, put yer backs into it.
Thaelin Darkanvil says: Aye, Queen-Regent.
Thaelin Darkanvil says: Mind poppin' some more Azerite up on the anvil fer me, <name>?
Anvil-Thane Thurgaden says: <Class>, we're sure tae encounter spontaneous azer-genesis incidents while shapin' the Azerite. Think ye can handle it?
Thaelin Darkanvil says: What the curmudgeonly bookworm means is, watch our backs when the elements attack us.

Go over to the Crate o' Azerite on the other side of the anvil from where you entered, and pick it up. Bring it over to the anvil.

Shapin' Azerite

  • Description: Defend Anvil-Thane Thurgaden and Thaelin Darkanvil as they shape the Azerite.
  • Defend Anvil-Thane Thurgaden and Thaelin Darkanvil as they shape the Azerite (0/100%)

Thurgaden begins channeling fire into the Azerite while Thaelin works with his hammer.

Moira Thaurissan says: We've discovered the application o' great magic tae Azerite can have some unexpected results.
Moira Thaurissan yells: Incomin' elementals!

Waves of Congealed Azerite spawn and attack. Kill them to fill up the meter.

Moira Thaurissan yells: Here come some more o' them!

At around 75%, larger elementals - Unleashed Azerite - come in from the opposite door.

Moira Thaurissan yells: Wow, that's a biggun!

At the end is an Unbound Azerite.

Slag in the Works

  • Description: Await orders from Moira Thaurissan.
  • Receive orders from Moira (0/1)

After the Unbound Azerite dies, Moira's chief aid Drukan runs in.

Drukan says: Goblins! In the tunnels!
Drukan says: Thought ye oughta know.
Moira Thaurissan says: Spineless green turds think tae attack us in our home?!
Drukan has a lie down.
Moira Thaurissan says: Anvil-Thane, go gather yer sorcerers for a counterattack!
Moira Thaurissan says: Champion, take the Dark Iron Highway an' see that it's secure!
Moira Thaurissan says: Thaelin, head up through the Hall o' Craftin'! They might be on the way tae the Black Vault.

Scorchin' the Sky

Description: The goblins are attacking! Take down the Skyscorchers.
Venture Co. Skyscorcher defeated (0/8)
<Moira mutters to herself.>
Moira Thaurissan says: Just when things started lookin' good fer us.

Head towards the big sealed doors that lead to the Dark Iron Highway and kill Venture Co. Skyscorchers, who are equipped with flamethrowers and rocket boots.

Dark Iron Highway

  • Description: Defend the Dark Iron Highway.
  • Defend the Dark Iron Highway (0/100%)
Moira Thaurissan yells: All right, ye made quick work o' those! We're openin' the door. I can hear a whole lot o' enemies on the other side. Watch yer back!

The door to the Dark Iron Highway opens. Inside the hall are Wanton Sappers, Lesser Crawler Mines (buried in the roadway), Azerite Extractors with Fanatical Drillers, and Venture Co. Earthshapers - trash mobs from the MOTHERLODE!!. Friendly NPCs include Dark Iron Golems (which can be activated), Dark Iron Rifleman, Dark Iron Miners, and Dark Iron Demolitionists.

Scoria in Flux

After the highway is cleared, Rixxa Fluxflame (the third boss of the MOTHERLODE!!) arrives in the tunnels leading to the Detention Block:

Rixxa Fluxflame yells: If you want something done right... use bigger explosives!
Moira Thaurissan says: I dunnae know who that is, but I'm sure she needs killin'!

Fight Rixxa. At about 70%, the Coin-Operated Crowd Pummeler (the first boss of the MOTHERLODE!!) arrives:

Coin-Operated Crowd Pummeler yells: Target acquired.
Rixxa Fluxflame yells: Alright boys, let's wrap it up!

Hammmer to the Anvil

The Black Anvil... broken.

  • Description: Meet the Dark Irons back at the Black Anvil.
  • Return to the Black Anvil

The Pummeler stuns you, and then Rixxa climbs on and makes her exit.

Rixxa Fluxflame yells: Uh oh! Looks like I gotta reset our "days since gruesome death" tracker.
Moira Thaurissan says: Everyone meet back at the Black Anvil. We need a damage report!

Head back through the door (you can use the Propellant Canister for extra speed) to the Black Anvil - which has been cracked completely in half. Entering the room completes the scenario, as Thaelin and Thurgaden return.

Thaelin Darkanvil says: Queen-Regent! Are ye all right lass?!
Moira Thaurissan says: I'm fine. Ye don't look so good yerself.
Thaelin Darkanvil says: Some sort o' pummeler ambushed me an' stole Ironfoe!
Moira Thaurissan says: Son o' the core! That must've been the big mech that slammed into me!
Thurgaden arrives.
Anvil-Thane Thurgaden says: You two, open yer eyes! Look at the Black Anvil!
Thaelin Darkanvil says: Hell's bells!
Drukan lies down again.
Moira Thaurissan says: Anvil-Thane, Darkanvil, figure out how tae repair the Black Anvil.
Thaelin starts working on the anvil.
Moira Thaurissan says: <Name>, I've got another task fer ye.. Those savages were Venture Co. That means they're gonna be in Kezan, probably deliverin' Ironfoe into the greasy hands o' Mogul Razdunk as we speak.
Moira Thaurissan says: Will ye go recover the hammer? It's a power unto itself an' could spell disaster fer us if the goblins figure out how tae use it.


  1. A [50-60] Blackrock Depths
  2. A [50-60] The MOTHERLODE!!: Ironfoe
  3. A [50-60] Molten Core
  4. A [50-60] Firelands
  5. A [50-60] Forged in Fire an' Flame
  6. A [50-60] Dark Iron Dwarves

Original version

Removed from game The subject of this section was removed from World of Warcraft in patch 8.2.5.

Travel through Blackrock Depths and complete the scenario.


<Name>, I'm glad ta see ya. King Anduin asked my Dark Iron to research Azerite and its potential uses.

We've made a breakthrough! Will ya come to me home in Blackrock Depths?

I'd like ta show ya personally what we've come up with, and it requires the Black Anvil.

Moira Thaurissan says: I'm ready when ye are, <name>. Talk tae me when ye want tae go tae the Blackrock Depths.

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