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For the clan from the main universe, see Blackrock clan.
HordeBlackrock clan
Blackrock Crest
Main leader Horde Unknown
  Formerly Iron Horde IconSmall Blackhand2 Blackhand †
Secondary leaders Horde Unknown
  Formerly Iron Horde IconSmall OrcGray Male Overlord Blackhammer †
Iron Horde IconSmall OrcGray Male Commander Gar †
Iron Horde IconSmall Doomhammer Orgrim Doomhammer †
Race(s) IconSmall OrcGray MaleIconSmall OrcGray Female Orc
Character classes Grunt, Engineer
Capital Horde Orgrimmar
  Formerly Blackrock Foundry
Other major settlements Horde Hall of the Brave
  Formerly Iron Horde Iron Docks, Grimrail Depot, Iron Siegeworks, Blackrock Quarry
Base of operations Horde Orgrimmar Embassy
Theater of operations Azeroth
  Formerly Gorgrond, Draenor
Language(s) Orcish
Affiliation Mag'har Clans
  Formerly Iron Horde
Status Active
Blackrock banner


The Blackrock clan is an orc clan led by Blackhand himself. The Blackrock are a disciplined, organized, and militaristic clan who boast expert smiths and metalworkers. Well armored, they utilize brute strength and weaponry to destroy their foes.


Comics title This section concerns content related to the Warcraft manga or comics.

For years, the clan had many victories under the guidance of their powerful leader. While many of them thought it was just luck, the reality was different. Their leader was a brilliant tactician who had always found the weak point of the enemy.

At that time, Orgrim was haunted by the prophecy that said that the last of the Doomhammer line would use the weapon to doom his people, and brought the hammer back to the place where it was forged, hoping to avert the prophecy while keeping the weapon's power. However, the furies saw the fear and pride that came over Orgrim and took the hammer away from him. No one else was allowed to claim it - those who did were burned to death.

Without the hammer in the hands of Orgrim, the clan lost to the ogres for the first time.

Soon, the Blackrock clan was surrounded at the Foundry. They were outnumbered, and even if they had attacked the ogres before dawn, while they were vulnerable, they would still not have been able to break the siege. The only choice was whether to starve to death within the foundry's walls or to die quickly in battle. As death seemed certain, Orgrim returned to the place where he left the Doomhammer, contemplating it. He recalled his pride, being ready to give his life for the clan on orders from his chief whether on the battlefield or in the lava lake to retrieve the legendary hammer. But the chieftain refused, it was he who would take the hammer. He ordered Orgrim to lead the assault before dawn. He said that the hammer was their last hope, and that the survival of the clan's leader did not matter. As he plunged his hand into the lava and tried to grab the hammer, the lava covered the body of the chief - but instead of burning him to death, the furies spoke to him, even though he was not a shaman. It said that though the chieftain was not worthy to carry the hammer, he was allowed to use it to forge new weapons for the clan.

Amazement read in the eyes of Orgrim when the chieftain came back with the hammer. The furies had sent him the knowledge to use the legacy of the Doomhammer family to forge new weapons throughout the night. Then, in the morning, freshly armed orcs charged behind their leader at the ogre army. Victory was theirs. The chieftain then had to pass the hammer back to Orgrim, as it still belonged to him and told his second-in-command that the day the prophecy will be fulfilled is yet to come. Since then, the Blackrock leader took on the name of Blackhand, as his hand was transformed by the lake that held the Doomhammer into one of flame and black stone.[1]

Iron Horde[]

Warlords of Draenor This section concerns content related to Warlords of Draenor.

The Blacrock clan was the first to join the Iron Horde. After a mysterious prophet gave detailed schematics, Blackhand marshaled the Blackrock clan to industrialize warfare on a colossal scale.[2]

During the Assault on the Dark Portal, the Blackrock clan tried to stop the invading forces. Their attempts failed, and the Blackrock Quarry was flooded as a result.[3]

In the end, the Blackrock orcs lost their warlord during the siege of their Foundry.

After Archimonde's defeat, it's presumed they joined the rest of Draenor in rebuilding.

Battle for Azeroth[]

Battle for Azeroth This section concerns content related to Battle for Azeroth.

In time, the Blackrock clan joined with the other Mag'har orc clans under the command of Warchief Grommash Hellscream.[4] As the Mag'har and Lightbound clashed, events on Azeroth would see to a new war between the Horde and the Alliance. In the midst of this, Eitrigg sought to travel to the alternate Draenor and call upon the debt the Mag'har owed to the Horde for liberating them from Garrosh Hellscream's meddling and the Burning Legion's corruption.[5]

As the entire Lightbound army was marching towards the Mag'har, Grommash ordered for the Mag'har to follow Geya'rah and fallback to Azeroth. Thus, when Warchief Hellscream and Lantresor of the Blade charged at the Lightbound, Eitrigg activated the shard of the Inv relics hourglass [Vision of Time] in his possession in order to return to Azeroth with his new allies.[6] After their arrival on Azeroth, Overlord Geya'rah took her place as leader of the Mag'har and pledged the loyalty of her people to Warchief Sylvanas Windrunner and the Horde.[7]



Name Role Status Location
IconSmall Blackhand2 Blackhand Leader Killable Blackrock Foundry, Gorgrond
IconSmall Doomhammer Orgrim Doomhammer Blackhand's second-in-command Deceased Shattrath City, Talador
IconSmall OrcGray Male Master Siegesmith Uratok Lead engineer of Grom'gar Killable Grom'gar, Frostfire Ridge
IconSmall OrcGray Male Solog Roark The Iron Shipwright Alive Iron Docks; Garrison
IconSmall OrcGray Male Koramar Captain of Blackhand's Might Killable Iron Docks, Gorgrond
IconSmall OrcGray Male Greldrok the Cunning Killable Gronn Canyon, Gorgrond
IconSmall OrcGray Male Firestarter Grash Killable Everbloom Wilds, Gorgrond
IconSmall OrcGray Male Commander Gar Commander of the Iron Approach Killable Iron Approach, Gorgrond
IconSmall OrcGray Female Captain Brak Lieutenant of Commander Gar Killable Grom'kar Gulch, Gorgrond
IconSmall OrcGray Male Siegemaster Olugar Killable Iron Docks, Gorgrond
IconSmall OrcGray Male Siegemaster Rokra Killable Iron Docks, Gorgrond
IconSmall OrcGray Male Overlord Blackhammer Commander of the Iron Siegeworks Killable Iron Siegeworks, Gorgrond
IconSmall OrcGray Male Nitrogg Thundertower Assault Leader Killable Grimrail Depot, Gorgrond
IconSmall OrcGray Male Morketh Bladehowl Master Armourer, former member Alive Vol'jin's Pride, Talador, later Frostwall
IconSmall OrcGray Male Machinist B'randt Killable Shattrath City, Talador
IconSmall OrcGray Male Commander Dro'gan Killable Lunarfall; Frostwall
IconSmall InfestedHeavy Dulhu Former clansman, now an Infested Killable Verdant Grove, Everbloom
IconSmall OrcGray Male Goraluk Anvilcrack Alive Dread Grotto, Blackrock Foundry


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  • The first of the Orc clans to master the art of shaping their namesake metal, the Blackrock prefer to wield blunt weaponry in battle to honor their ancestors.[8] Blackrock Hammer-Sisters can be seen during the Battle of Thunder Pass, and more Blackrock females were meant to be members of this sisterhood during the Warlords of Draenor alpha.
  • The Blackrock Clan originally used the naturally occurring elemental-fueled infernos of ancient Draenor to shape and harden their namesake ore. A shaman could use these bellows to channel the power of a fire spirit directly to a blast furnace, allowing the Blackrock to set up forges anywhere.[9]
  • Male orcs of the Blackrock Clan never cut their hair until they come of age, at which point their head is shaved and their role in this extremely regimented society is determined.[10]

Skin color[]

This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.

Interestingly, the orcs of the Blackrock clan have been shown to have gray skin, just like Rend's Blackrock faction. However, it was said that the gray skintone was a result of the Dark Horde Blackrock orcs dwelling in the inside of Blackrock Mountain for years and the other Blackrock orcs such as Saurfang and Doomhammer had green skin. The Warcraft RTS games, particularly the first two in which the Blackrock clan played a major role, depicted Blackrock orcs as having green skin. It's possible that the origin of the gray skin has been retconned (despite being explained only recently) and that it now always was a natural part of the Blackrock clan. This would mean Blackrock characters like Saurfang currently have an outdated model. Alternatively, it could be that the Dark Horde regained their natural skin color via their alliance with Nefarian.

Though, just like the ones in Blackrock Mountain, these orcs have been working in mountains (Blackrock Foundry) themselves building up siege weapons among other devices for the Iron Horde, which could result in the same skin tones.


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