Blade's Edge Mountains quests

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The Blade's Edge Mountains are a contested level 65-68 zone in northeastern part of Outland. The story starts in the south and works its way throughout the zone, returning to the faction area hub often, where you are eventually offered breadcrumbs out to the next zones - either Netherstorm, or Shadowmoon Valley.


Bladespire Hold

Bloodmaul Ravine

Neutral Evergrove

Circle of Blood / Ogri'la

Skyguard Outpost

You must complete 2 quests in Ogri'la before you can start the Skyguard Outpost quests. The first is N [70] The Crystals and the second is N [70] Our Boy Wants To Be A Skyguard Ranger


Horde Crest Mok'Nathal Village

Horde Crest Thunderlord Stronghold


Alliance Crest Sylvanaar

Alliance Crest Toshley's Station