Bladefury's Command.

Bladefury's Command is an Iron Horde base that can be found in the northern Talador,[69, 5] on the border with Gorgrond and near the Gates of Tanaan. It was the base of operations of Azuka Bladefury, warlord of the Burning Blade clan. The architecture suggests it was built upon a destroyed draenei settlement. It is now heavily fortified and occupied by the Grom'kar.

This fortress was witness to key events in the war on Draenor. It saw the defeat of the great magnaron Gorgorek, as well as the death of Azuka Bladefury herself after a pitched battle.[1] Later it was the site of the fateful meeting between Grommash Hellscream and the warlock Gul'dan, ending with a coup against the warchief.[2]

Some time later, Durotan and Maladaar led their forces through the area and breached its Gate of Tanaan.

The mobs in the area give Sha'tari Defense reputation.

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