Not to be confused with Kaja.
HordeBladeguard Kaja
Image of Bladeguard Kaja
Gender Female
Race Zandalari troll (Humanoid)
Level 20-50 Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Zandalari Empire
Occupation Bladeguard
Location Dazar'alor; Vol'dun
Status Alive

Bladeguard Kaja is a Zandalari troll and one of the main supporting characters in Vol'dun.


Kaja is a subordinate of Warguard Rakera, a commander who was exiled to Vol'dun for nearly uncovering that General Jakra'zet of the Zanchuli Council is a traitor to the crown.[1] After an adventurer of the Horde begins asking questions about Jakra'zet in Zuldazar, Kaja convinces them to come with her and her fellow bladeguards Jorana and Tarkaj to Vol'dun to search for Rakera. Shortly after flying over the border into the desert, however, the group are noticed by Jakra'zet and his Faithless sethrak ally Emperor Korthek, who shoots Kaja and Jorana's pterrordax mounts out of the sky with his lightning magic.[2]

Kaja is nearly killed by the lightning strike, but is found by the vulpera Meerah and taken to the Vulpera Hideaway,[3][4] where the adventurer soon reunites with her and helps Meerah and Kiro restore her to health.[5] After investigating the fate of Jorana and Tarkaj (one is dead, the other missing),[6] Kaja and the adventurer follow the lead provided by Rakera's journal and travel south on Meerah's caravan.[7] At the Withering Gulch, they encounter Jorak, an exile whose life was saved by Rakera. After battling some of Jakra'zet's nearby forces, the group continues to the Temple of Akunda in southern Vol'dun.[8]

After the adventurer gains entry into the temple from Akunda the Exalted, Kaja discovers that Rakera has been deprived of her memories and become one of Akunda's followers at the temple.[9] Once the champion defeats Akunda the Exalted and frees Akunda, allowing the loa to restore his follower's memories, Rakera reverts to her old self and informs Kaja and the hero that Jakra'zet's soldiers are searching Vol'dun for some kind of weapon capable of destroying Zuldazar.[10] The adventurer, Kaja, Rakera, and Meerah continue to the ruined city of Zul'Ahjin to meet up with Rakera's old friend Julwaba, surviving an attack from Jakra'zet's assassins along the way.[11] At Zul'Ahjin, they encounter the vulpera Kiro and Nisha, as well as Julwaba and her friend Serrik, a sethrak who is dying from scorpashi venom.[12] After Kiro and the adventurer save Serrik with antivenom, the champion travels into Zul'Ahjin and discovers a special stone. At Serrik's urging, the adventurer, Kaja, and Rakera accompany him to the Sanctuary of the Devoted to deliver the stone to Vorrik.[13] Vorrik explains to the hero, Kaja, and Rakera the history of how Sethraliss defeated Mythrax and how the Keepers Vorrik, Korthek, and Sulthis created three keystones to keep Mythrax entombed within Atul'Aman. Rakera realizes that Mythrax must be the weapon that Jakra'zet is searching for.[14]

Shortly after, Vorrik and the adventurer leave to confront Korthek directly. Vorrik asks Kaja and Rakera to protect his and Sulthis' keystones while he is away, and they promise to protect Vorrik's people as their own.[15] Vorrik, the hero, and their vulpera allies ultimately manage to defeat Korthek, but meanwhile, Jakra'zet and his troops attack the Sanctuary of the Devoted and steal the keystones.[16][17] Kaja and Rakera pursue the general into the crypts below Atul'Aman[18] but they both end up being ensnared by tentacles in the Fetid Crypt below the pyramid. Vorrik and the adventurer eventually catch up with and free the two Zandalari.[19] The group then confronts Jakra'zet deeper in the crypt. After a battle, the general is mortally wounded, and Rakera tells Kaja to give him a clean death. However, before Kaja has a chance to kill Jakra'zet, he instead leaps into the nearby pit, killing himself and providing the final blood sacrifice needed to resurrect Mythrax. The group barely escapes with their lives and returns to the Sanctuary of the Devoted,[20] where Kaja and Rakera then remain with Vorrik.

When Zul, Mythrax, and their armies attacked Zuldazar, Rakera urgently asked Meerah to transport her and Kaja to the city. Once they arrived, Kaja accompanied Rakera, Meerah, and Talanji through the Zocalo and helped fend off Mythrax while the adventurer and King Rastakhan went to confront Zul.[21]

Tides of Vengeance

Kaja in Dazar'alor during Talanji's coronation.

Kaja participates in the Battle of Dazar'alor, storming the Zocalo alongside Talanji, Rokhan, and Nathanos.

During Talanji's coronation, she appeared sitting in a Ceremonial Brutosaur in the Zocalo and Zanchul.


  • Ability gouge.png  Rending Cut
  • Ability stealth.png  Stealth — Puts the caster in stealth mode. Lasts until cancelled. 




  • I am listening.
  • Speak quickly.
  • What can I do for you?
  • Yes?
  • De sands are a fate no one deserves.
  • Go carefully.
  • Zandalar will endure.


I will not rest until Rakera is found.
At the Temple of Akunda
Something's not right about dis temple. We need to find a way in.
After H [30-50] Akunda Awaits
What have dese cultists done to Rakera... She doesn't even remember her own name.
After H [30-50] Ending the Madness
I thought I'd never see her again...
After H [30-50] Clearing the Fog
We must find de weapon before Jakra'zet can get his hands on it.
At the Blood Font
Jakra'zet must be stopped.
After H [30-50] Defeat Jakra'zet
Jakra'zet deserved his fate.
The Golden Throne

<Bladeguard Kaja is deep in conversation with General Rakera.>


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