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Bladescar Highlands

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This article contains lore taken from Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.

The Bladescar Highlands are a mountain range located in the southern portion of Durotar, due east of Ratchet. These highlands were remote and separated from the rest of Durotar by difficult-to-navigate mountains. The region has plenty of grasslands, enough room for thunder lizards to stampede, and a mountain stream that is almost as big as the river near Thunder Ridge.[1]

Aegwynn lived here in a small hut in the center of the mountainous region.[2]


During the events of Cycle of Hatred, colonel Lorena of the Theramore Guard traveled there with her best senior officers. With the help of Booraven, she located Jaina Proudmoore and found Aegwynn. Jaina rescued them from Bladescar by Zmodlor's wards.[3]

Jaina also teleported a great number of thunder lizards from Thunder Ridge to Bladescar.


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