AllianceBladesman Inowari
Image of Bladesman Inowari
Race Ankoan (Humanoid)
Level 50
Class Warrior
Resource Mana
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Waveblade Ankoan
Location Nazjatar
Status Alive

Bladesman Inowari is an ankoan located in Nazjatar and is one of the most skilled warriors of the Waveblade. He is a stalwart defender and does not flinch in battle, even against overwhelming odds. A fierce opponent of the naga, Inowari swore a blood-oath to defeat Queen Azshara or die trying.[1]


  • Ankoan Chant
  • Battle Call
  • Waveblade
  • Wavedancing
  • Double Slice
  • Healing Poultice
  • Stealth


Objective of



The time has come to take the fight to the naga!

Gossip Let us continue our mission.  (During A [50] A Tempered Blade)

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  • Ankoan blades are the keenest to be found on land or sea. To wield one is to know true craftsmanship.
  • Azshara has ruled the seas for ten thousand years. But the Waveblade will never bow to her.
  • Azshara's tyranny must be put to an end... even if the Waveblade perish in the attempt.
  • Face me!
  • For the naga to guard this chest so jealously, it must contain something important.
  • For the Waveblade!
  • Gler'thogg must die. I am eager to spill the blood of this demon.
  • Hardly a challenge.
  • I do not understand why your people bury their treasures in the ground.
  • I will not rest until Azshara is defeated and our oath has been honored.
  • Lady Naz'jess is a powerful foe. We must be on our guard.
  • Let us help these fallen spirits find peace. It is the honorable thing to do.
  • My oath will be fulfilled!
  • Of all the ankoan clans, only the Waveblade have taken the fight to Azshara.
  • Our clan faces great peril in Nazjatar. But honor demands we fulfill our oath at any cost.
  • Should I fall today, bury me where I die. My spirit will watch over the battlefield for all eternity.
  • Taste my blades!
  • These stolen attack plans could help us strike a critical blow to the naga.
  • This "King Mrgl-Mrgl" looks rather strange for a murloc...
  • This chest is quite heavy. Hopefully, its contents prove valuable.
  • To be enslaved by the naga... I would sooner fall upon my own blade.
  • We ankoan roam the sea for all our lives. Only in death can we truly rest.
  • We are victorious.
  • We live to fight again.
  • We strike as one!
  • We strike at the heart of the naga empire. This war can end only in victory or death.
  • You wield great power, <name>.
  • Blood is owed!
  • Death comes for us all.
  • Let us finish this!
  • Our prey approaches!
  • The hunt begins!
  • I suffer this indignity for the sake of my clan.


  • How may I assist you?
  • I am at your service.
  • Our oath is our bond.
  • What do you require?
  • You have my blades.
  • Azshara will fall.
  • Death to our enemies.
  • Go with courage.
  • Honor above all.
  • May honor guide you.


  • His generic name is Ankoan Bladesman.

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