For the clan from the main universe, see Bladespire clan.
NeutralBladespire clan
Bladespire Citadel.jpg
Bladespire Citadel
Main leader IconSmall Ogre2 Male.gif Gorr'thog
Race(s) OgreOgre Ogre
Base of operations Circle of Blood
  Formerly Bladespire Citadel
Theater of operations Frostfire Ridge
Affiliation Gorian Empire
Status Active

The Bladespire clan make their home at the Bladespire Citadel in Frostfire Ridge, and are part of the Gorian Empire. After joining the Iron Horde, the Bladespire ogres would find the wounded Ga'nar and delivered him to the Iron Horde.[1]

After the Frostwolf prisoners were freed by champions from Azeroth, the Horde expedition became allies of the Frostwolf orcs. The two forces then turned their attention towards the Bladespire ogres and launched an attack on Bladespire Citadel, at Ga'nar's behest. The battle that followed saw the Bladespire leadership at the citadel slain (Gorr'thog a clear target), and the fortress coming under Frostwolf control.[2]

With the loss of their citadel, the Bladespire at the Circle of Blood poisoned their gladiators - Frostwolf slaves that they forced to fight one another - in retaliation.[3] Igrim the Resolute directs adventurers to cure these gladiators and wipe out the Bladespire leadership in the area, including Warlord Bult.[4]

Before the fall of the citadel, the ogres managed to capture a band of laborers from Frostwall. The fortress was infiltrated by the garrison followers and the workers freed.[5]





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