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Sinrunner Blanchy.

Blanchy's Reins summons Sinrunner Blanchy, a sinrunner mount.


This mount is obtained by interacting with Dead Blanchy in the Endmire in Revendreth and offering her 6 different items, in order. The player can only give her one gift per day, but it does not have to be done over 6 consecutive days. All of the items can be collected beforehand and do not need to obtained on the same day that they are given to Blanchy. Dead Blanchy has a 1-2 hour respawn timer, with a 5 minute timer to despawn after getting stopped by a player, which is indicated by emotes.

  1.  [Handful of Oats] x8 — Looted from Sacks of Oats in Westfall.
  2.  [Grooming Brush] — Obtained by talking to Snickersnee in Darkhaven.[63.4, 61.9]
  3.  [Sturdy Horseshoe] x4 — Looted from Discarded Horseshoes on the roads between Darkhaven and the Endmire.
  4.  [Bucket of Clean Water] — Obtained by looting the  [Empty Water Bucket] in Darkhaven[63.3, 61.6] and filling it at any body of water in Ardenweald or Bastion. The empty bucket is near the area where Snickersnee is located at, to obtain the Grooming Brush.
  5.  [Comfortable Saddle Blanket] — Sold by Ta'tru at the Night Market[51.1, 78.8] in exchange for different kinds of crafting ingredients. The exact ingredient and amount required changes every week.
  6.  [Dredhollow Apple] x3 — Sold by Mims at the Hole in the Wall.[40.9, 46.7]

After giving Dead Blanchy the Dredhollow Apples, the player automatically unlocks this mount.

Mount Journal

In life, Blanchy appeared to be an affectionate, well-behaved horse of excellent disposition and appetite. What evils must she have committed in secret to have earned her place among the condemned souls of Revendreth?

Notes and trivia

  • During the alpha, this item was named Sinrunner Reins and would summon Blanchy the Sinrunner.
  • Players who mount up on Sinrunner Blanchy and ride to the location of her death at the Jansen Stead in Westfall will have the mount despawn out from under them:
    Sinrunner Blanchy screams in anguish and then fades from view.

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