For the darkhound, see Bleakheart (darkhound).


The Bleakheart sect is a group of satyrs allied with the Cult of the Dark Strand. In the ruins of Satyrnaar, which they inhabit, they guard one of the cult's soulgems. They're using  [Warsong Oil] for their detestable rituals and also possess corrupted  [Satyrnaar Fel Wood].

The Bleakheart satyr are seen using shadow magic, and gathering around shadowflame braziers. Their Hellcallers are seen summoning imps and voidwalkers, Shadowstalkers use shadow to hide and protect them, and Tricksters use dazzling light.

Their  [Satyr Horns] can be taken back to the dryad Illiyana, and the goblin Pixel as proof of death.

During the third invasion of the Burning Legion, Bleakheart Hellcallers were led by Rethazar the Fallen, and defeated once more.[1]



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Some Illidari satyrs use the "Curse of the Bleakheart" ability which is a duplicate of the original spell with the same name used by the Bleakheart satyr in Ashenvale. While it could be a simple spell reuse for in-game purposes, it can be also speculated that, story-wise, the Illidari satyrs come from the Ashenvale group.