Blessed Blade of the Windseeker

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NeutralBlessed Blade of the Windseeker
Start Highlord Demitrian
End Advisor Sevel
Level 103 - 110 (Requires 103)
Category Shaman Campaign
Experience 15,480
Rewards 19g 40s
Previous N Shaman [103 - 110] Servant of the Windseeker
Next N Shaman [103 - 110] The Skies Above


Locate the lost blade of the Windseeker.


So the Earthen Ring wishes to resurrect my master?

<Highlord Demitrian laughs maniacally.>

I knew this day would come! At last, humanity understands the power of the Windseeker!

When Prince Thunderaan was slain at the hands of treacherous mortals, his soul was trapped within the sacred blade Thunderfury.

To resurrect my master you will need to find his sword and return it to Skywall. Last I heard, the betrayer who stole my master's sword traveled to the Broken Isles to fight demons.


You will receive:

  • 19g 40s
  • 15,480 XP


Have you found the key to resurrecting Thunderaan?


This blade could indeed be the key to resurrecting the Windseeker. However, it has been damaged and the elemental soul within has diminished in power.

Time may very well be running out...


The blade can be found in Azsuna in the Fiendish Vault at [32, 48] in front of Ragemaw.


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