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A paladin blessing his allies.

A blessing is a powerful buff that can be applied to friendly players and some non-player characters (NPCs). Blessings are unique to the paladin class.

Blessings can be applied to most friendly targets, drastically increasing their combat abilities.

Available blessings


Blessings are short-term spells that give their target a powerful effect before fading shortly after. These were previously known as hands.

Blessing Level Spec Description
[Blessing of Protection] Level 32 All Places a blessing on a party or raid member, protecting them from all physical attacks for 10 sec. Causes Forbearance for 30 sec.
[Blessing of Freedom] Level 22 All Places a blessing on a party or raid member, granting immunity to movement impairing effects for 8 sec.
[Blessing of Sacrifice] Level 41 All Blesses a party or raid member, reducing their damage taken by 30%, but you suffer 100% of damage prevented. Last 12 sec, or until transferred damage would cause you to fall below 20% health.
[Blessing of Sanctuary] Honor Level 25 Retribution Instantly removes all stun, silence, fear and horror effects from the friendly target and reduces the duration of future such effects by 60% for 5 sec.

Greater Blessings

Greater Blessings last for 60 minutes and are only available Retribution. There can only be three Greater Blessings active at one time per paladin, meaning a single paladin can only cast a total three Greater Blessings on friendly targets. Casting the same Greater Blessing from multiple paladins do not stack, and applying a Greater Blessing on a fourth target removes the first one cast.

Blessing Level Description
[Greater Blessing of Might] Level 42 Places a blessing on an ally that gives their attacks a 10% chance to deal 30% additional damage as Holy.
[Greater Blessing of Kings] Level 44 Places a blessing on an ally that grants them an absorption shield. It absorbs up to (180% of Spell power) damage, and will be refreshed to full strength every 6 sec, even if fully consumed.
[Greater Blessing of Wisdom] Level 46 Places a blessing on an ally that causes them to regenerate 1% of maximum health and mana per 3 sec.


  • Many blessings have been scrapped, such as [Blessing of Light].
  • Originally all blessings lasted for only 5 minutes. If you wanted to buff a whole 40-man raid, by the time you ended the buffing, first members had only 2-3 minutes left on their blessings, making paladins more like walking buff machines than efficient healers or DPSers.

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