Blessing of the Order of Embers

  • Blessing of the Order of Embers
  • Whenever you kill an enemy, movement speed increased by 50% for 20 sec.
  • Duration: 60 minutes
Blessing of the Order of Embers.jpg
The fiery effect that appears while the movement speed increase is active.

Blessing of the Order of Embers is a buff gained from talking to Cleric Loriette in Drustvar, who is unlocked after completion of Alliance 15.png  [50] Mission Report: Arom's Stand. While the blessing is active, killing an enemy will cause the player character to be engulfed in flames and have 50% increased movement speed for 20 seconds.


  • The blessing is not restricted to Drustvar and persists even if the player leaves the zone, but not if they leave Kul Tiras altogether.
  • The movement speed buff persists while mounted and stacks with mount speed.

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