Blessings of the Order

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Not to be confused with N Paladin [110] Blessing of the Order.
NeutralBlessings of the Order
Start Sister Oriel
End Sister Oriel
Level 110 (Requires 110)
Category Netherlight Temple
Experience 1,650
Rewards 1g 94s

Blessings of the Order is a priest quest that opens up after having completed the research for the Tithe class hall trait. It introduces the ability to place work orders for  [Blessing of the Order].


Request a Blessing of the Order.


Though it takes time and resources, we are able to, of course, Bless your champions. With this Blessing, their success on their adventures will be greatly improved.


You will receive: 1g 94s


Request a Blessing of the Order.


The Blessings are under way, they will be ready for you to receive here shortly.


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