Blight Boar on scene.

Skeleton hands show out of graves and rock out.

During WoW's 15th Anniversary.

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Blight Boar are a Forsaken death metal band playing at the Darkmoon Faire. They perform in Cauldron of Rock off to the east of Darkmoon Island. The concert happens every hour on the half-hour (1:30, 5:30, 12:30, etc..)

Their enemy is the Death Metal Knight. Their fans are known as "blightheads". Intercepting the AoE that the band throws out during the fight against the Death Metal Knight helps you progress from Casual Fan, Serious Fan, Hardcore Fan, to Number One Fan.

The band also performed during the  [WoW's 15th Anniversary] in the Caverns of Time.



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  • Death Metal Knight yells: Another soul for my armies!
  • Death Metal Knight yells: Another soul for my music!
  • Death Metal Knight yells: Darkness falls, and with it Banshees form these Wailing Walls!
  • Death Metal Knight yells: Fight though you might, your bodies will freeze and shatter!
  • Death Metal Knight yells: I summon ghouls out every tomb. Fight as you might, they will seal your doom!
  • Death Metal Knight yells: I will prove once and for all that only a knight from the grave can rule heavy metal.
  • Death Metal Knight yells: What is this?! I can't be beaten!
  • Death Metal Knight yells: You have failed, Blight Boar. Your fans now serve my armies of the dead!
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  • Baby, baby, baby! This is the illest, realest, deadest band you've ever seen! They will melt your face, figuratively and literally! Before I met these guys, I was alive and had all my skin! Now I'm dead and filthy rich!
  • Catch Blight Boar here, every hour on the half hour!
  • Or you could come see a GOOD band! The Blight Boar concert will begin in thirty minutes!
  • If you're interested in gettin' down, the Blight Boar concert starts in twenty!
  • Blight Boar is playing their underground show on the east side of the island! Your headliner Blight Boar goes on in ten minutes!
  • My rockin' and rollin' beauties! You're in the right place to melt your face! Allow me to humbly introduce... Blight Booooar!
  • Though you fight to stay alive, your bodies freeze and shatter!
  • Darkness falls across the land, the rocking hour is close at hand!
  • Grisly ghouls from every tomb are closing in to seal your doom.
  • Another soul for getting down.
  • You have failed Blight Boar, your fans now serve my armies of the dead!



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