For information about the modern encounter, see Groyat, the Blind Hunter.
BossBlind Hunter
Image of Blind Hunter
Race Bat (Beast)
Level 35 Rare Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Razorfen Kraul
Status Killable
Pet family Bat

Blind Hunter is a rare mob bat native to Razorfen Kraul. The Blind Hunter appears to be an albino bat, and is somewhat blind as its name suggests, although this is just speculation. Its blindness (and paleness) might have come from the fact that it only dwells in the darkest depths of Razorfen Kraul and probably has never seen light, unlike the regular Kraul Bats who live closer to the entrance of the cave where light is a bit more abundant.

It can be tamed by hunters. However due to the excellent bow it drops, as well as it being very elusive and difficult to find, one might consider taming Ressan the Needler instead.


Notable Loot
Inv jewelry necklace 04.png [Stygian Bone Amulet] Inv weapon bow 12.png [Nightstalker Bow]
Inv shoulder 05.png [Batwing Mantle]

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