Blinded By The Light

Neutral 32.pngBlinded By The Light
Start Prince Renathal [52.3, 39.1]
End Projection of Prince Renathal [32.1, 41.5]
Level 60 (Requires 60)
Category Revendreth
Experience 7,750
Rewards 25 Gold.png 74 Silver.png
Previous Neutral 15.png [59] Refuge of Revendreth
Next Neutral 15.png [60] The Master of Lies


Use the mirrors atop Sinfall to seal the gates of Castle Nathria.

  • Mirrors aligned (6)


<Name>, Sire Denathrius must be stopped. The anima he is stealing from the Shadowlands is weakening the bonds that seal the Jailer within the Maw. That must not happen.

Time is short so we must strike quickly. I would like for you to head up to the surface, into that accursed Light, and align as many mirrors as you can find to the focusing mirror atop the portcullis.

We will shine a light on Castle Nathria so bright no venthyr will wish to step forth from that fortress to challenge us.


You will receive:


Hopefully you did not get too scorched out there.


That should buy us some time and carve us a bit of a path. Now to take advantage of the situation.


Back up the stairs past Theotar and through the Blood mirror back to the surface.

Up on the ramparts of Sinfall are six Unaligned Mirrors. The most efficient path is to go clockwise from the northeast, as there are a few jumps down past the south mirrors:



  1. Neutral 15.png [60] Blinded By The Light
  2. Neutral 15.png [60] The Master of Lies

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