For the unrelated murloc, see Blindlight.
NeutralBlindlight tribe
Blindlight Bilefin.jpg
Main leader  Subjugator Kor'ul
  Formerly  Gelihast
Race(s) MurlocMurloc Murloc
IconSmall DeepSeaMurloc.gif Deep sea murloc
Gorloc Gorloc
Theater of operations Blackfathom Deeps
Language(s) Nerglish
Affiliation Old Gods' forces

The Blindlight tribe is a tribe[citation needed]  of murlocs, deep sea murlocs and gorlocs living in the Blackfathom Deeps. While not originally native to the underwater caves, their leader Gelihast forced his way into the deeps and killed nearly a dozen cultists of the Twilight's Hammer. The cultists opted to allow him to remain in the caverns, where he built a shrine to venerate the Old Gods.[1] In this he was joined by his fellow murlocs.

With the new influx of cultists in the Deeps, the Twilight Hammer commanded their powerful enforcer, Subjugator Kor'ul, to cleanse the caves of anything not under their control. Gelihast was first to fall under the crushing strength of Kor'ul, who then seized control of the cave dwelling murlocs. Kor'ul left Gelihast's twisted corpse on display as proof of his dominance and now uses the murlocs to horde the possessions of those who perish in the caves.[2]


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