NeutralBlingtron 6000
Image of Blingtron 6000
Race Blingtron (Mechanical)
Level 110
Reaction Alliance Horde

Blingtron 6000 is a blingtron summoned by engineers, which can provide the quest N Engineering [45 Daily] Blingtron 6000 once a day per account. Rather than being its own item like previous blingtrons, it it activated by summoning Reaves after attaching  [Reaves Module: Bling Mode].

When previous types are placed next to him, he kills them.


My presence is requested for duty. I must leave immediately.


The Dressed to Kill buff for male and female.

When interacting with Blingtron 6000, players have the option to say "Let's party!" Selecting this option provides the Dressed to Kill buff for 1 hour.

Party port

When selecting the "I'm all dressed. Where's the party?" option, the adventurer is teleported to one of the following locations on Azeroth or Draenor. Blingtron will port all players, regardless of faction, to the same location during a single spawn.

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