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Blisswing's Rescue

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NeutralBlisswing's Rescue
Start Blisswing
End Enothia
Level 60 (Requires 60)
Type Island Quest
Category Vision of Orgrimmar
Rewards Prisoner's Anima cell
Next N [60] Champion: Blisswing


Help Blisswing Rescue Enothia



Talk to Blisswing

This is not going as expected. I was trying to rescue Enothia and I was taken prisoner myself. Please assist me! And her!

Gossip Yes, I will help.

Blisswing says: Thank you! Let's go and find Enothia.
Blisswing says: Enothia! Let's get you out of here.
Enothia says: Blisswing! I knew you'd come.


  1. N [60] Blisswing's Rescue
  2. N [60] Champion: Blisswing

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