The Blistering Bog.

The Blistering Bog is a Light-seared muck pool where dredgers were once made, located in the northeastern region of the Ember Ward, directly underneath the Bridge of Defiance.


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Outcast Kasimir and his companion Outcast Mirceo, located in a construction just before the Blistering Bog along the north base of Sinfall mention that they were banished from the Village Ward's Stonevigil Overlook by The Tithelord for "hoarding anima", which they insist was just enough to survive. It is possible one of them are the venthyr we see in the Afterlives: Revendreth cinematic banished at the end, who were keeping anima from a male Harvester to share with other venthyr in a settlement. Given that the only two male members of the Court of Harvesters are Prince Renathal and The Tithelord, it is likely the latter being depicted in the cinematic.