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BlizzCon Anaheim Convention Center
Anaheim Convention Center
Genre Video game
Venue Anaheim Convention Center
Location(s) Anaheim, California
Country United States
Inaugurated October 28, 2005
Most recent February 19, 2021
Attendance Nearly 1.5 million in 2021 (BlizzConline)[1]
Organized by Blizzard Entertainment
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BlizzCon (short for Blizzard Convention and sometimes stylized as Blizzcon) is an annual convention hosted by Blizzard Entertainment at the Anaheim Convention Center, 10 miles from Blizzard's headquarters in Irvine, Southern California. Each year at BlizzCon, Blizzard holds numerous panels revealing their upcoming titles and newest game content, displaying art, hosting live tournaments, putting out playable demos, and much more.

The first BlizzCon was held in October 2005,[2] and was not an overly successful event. After a year off, BlizzCon returned in 2007, with the popularity of World of Warcraft pushing attendance far higher, and has been a success ever since. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there was no BlizzCon in 2020.[3] In its place, a virtual event called BlizzConline was announced to take place on 19-20 February 2021.[4]

BlizzCon will return in person in November 2023.[5]


BlizzCon is held at the Anaheim Convention Center in California over the course of two days, typically Friday and Saturday, from 10 AM until 10 PM PST. Blizzard generally saves major announcements about upcoming games for BlizzCon. All of the World of Warcraft expansions have been announced at BlizzCon, except for Legion which was announced at gamescom 2015 and Dragonflight which was announced via a stream on YouTube and Twitch in 2022.

The cost of the ticket (which varies each year) grants attendees entry to the convention hall for the duration of the event and an exclusive Goodie Bag, which often contains things such as in-game rewards for their games, beta keys for upcoming Blizzard titles, and other exclusive Blizzard paraphernalia. Since the amount of tickets is finite, dates for the ticket sales are announced months in advance. On sale day, the tickets are often sold out within the first few hours.


BlizzConline key art

BlizzConline key art

Ticket prices in USD
Year GA Virtual VIP
2023 $299 ? $799
2019 229 50 550
2018 199 50 n/a
2017 199 40 n/a
2016 199 40 n/a
2015 199 40 n/a
2014 199 40 n/a
2013 175 40 n/a
2011 175 40 n/a
2010 150 40 n/a
2009 125 n/a n/a
2008 100 n/a n/a
2007 ? n/a n/a
2005 ? n/a n/a

Virtual Ticket[]

Main article: Virtual Ticket

The Virtual Ticket gives a front row seat at BlizzCon from the comfort of ones own couch, live and in high definition. They'll get comprehensive coverage of both days of the show, including panels, contests, interviews, the closing ceremony, and more, along with some cool commemorative in-game goodies. They can even stream the convention using the free BlizzCon Mobile app.[7]



BlizzCon Mobile is a fast and easy way to help make the most of the BlizzCon experience with streaming panels and videos, a complete interactive events schedule, hall maps, plus footage and results from all of BlizzCon's breathtaking esports matches. The mobile app was originally released as BlizzCon Guide on 5 October 2011 for BlizzCon 2011 but was renamed to BlizzCon Mobile on 24 October 2017 for BlizzCon 2017.

Support for using the mobile app to stream to a Chromecast[8] was added on October 25, 2018, with patch 4.1.0.[9]


The BlizzCon TV app was released for Apple TV and Fire TV on 25 October 2018 along with the Chromecast streaming support for the mobile app.

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Key art
Convention layout


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