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A Cataclysm-themed Blizzard Updater updating a World of Warcraft patch 4.0.6a client to 4.1.0.

The Blizzard Updater was the program that applied patches to Blizzard's games including Diablo, Diablo II (and its expansion), StarCraft (and its expansion), Warcraft II: Edition, Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos (and its expansion), and World of Warcraft (and its expansions up to Cataclysm).

For World of Warcraft, it was essentially replaced by the Blizzard Launcher with the "stream" installation update from patch 4.0.1. Although, standalone patches were still being made for download until patch 4.2.0. For Warcraft III, the Blizzard Updater was used up until patch 1.27b when it was replaced with a Blizzard Installer built around the Blizzard desktop app which lasted up to patch 1.31.1.


Patch Version Server Release Date (US) Notes OS
4.2.0 4870 January 31, 2012
April 3, 2012
4.2.0 4822 August 30, 2012 PTR: Mac
4.2.0 † 4822 August 30, 2011
August 16, 2011
4.2.0 4809 June 15, 2011 PTR: Mac
4.2.0 4623 January 26, 2011 Live: Mac

 † - in Updates directory (Mac)


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