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This page contains verbatim text of lore-related comments made by Blizzard employees, authors of official books, or other authoritative sources, on the World of Warcraft forums or other reputable websites. The extent to which these posts should be taken as official lore is naturally debatable, but they are of some interest.

WoW Forums[]


Date 26 September 2005 Wow Forums by Caydiem

The Draenei you know are corrupted through their portal travels, so don't assume based on appearance. Garona is Half-Draenei because there is no way she could be Half-Human considering the timeline. ;)

Date: 29 September 2005 WoW Forums Post by Caydiem

There are still some High Elves in the land, but the majority of those once known as the Quel'dorei no longer fit the bill of "High Elf".
Your comparison with Gnomeregan is a logical conclusion to draw, but incorrect. The Gnomes managed to evacuate a good percentage of their people from their home as it was corrupted from within. Ironforge was close by; they were able to save a good number of their people. Naturally they were indebted to the Dwarves and, by extension, the Alliance, so they fight for their cause.
The High Elves had less of a chance to flee, as they were surrounded by the vast bulk of the Scourge army as they pressed in and destroyed the Sunwell. Still, some survived, certainly enough to show a presence, right?
And so they did after the destruction of Quel'Thalas, fighting for the Alliance, but with the destruction of the Sunwell they found an ever-increasing need, an addiction, for magical power. The remaining Elves were placed under the command of a man named Garithos, who was grossly intolerant of other races and drove the Elves into near-suicidal situations in the hopes they would no longer be his problem.
These remnants of the High Elves -- named Blood Elves in remembrance of their people -- were not stupid, and the commands from their "Alliance" became more and more ludicrous. It was only through the help of the Naga that they were able to survive these grim tasks; time and again, they appeared to aid Prince Kael'thas and his men. The Blood Elves came to realize they could no longer trust in the Alliance. When the offer was extended to join the Naga in service of Illidan Stormrage -- and perhaps find a cure to their addiction to magic -- Kael took it, leaving the Alliance behind.
In short, High Elves are not playable because there are very few true "High Elves" left -- far less so than Gnomes. While there are Blood Elves in much larger supply, they are busy with other pursuits alongside Illidan. You'd certainly not see them fighting side by side with the Alliance anytime soon, not after such betrayal.

Date: 30 October 2005 WoW Forums Post by Caydiem

Say there was a new, powerful force in town (and I'm referring to both the Forsaken and the Blood Elves here, in their respective times) with the potential to be either ally or enemy... and you'd only recently re-established your people on a new land and recovered from endless invasions. You're vulnerable, and increasingly aware of your known enemy gaining in power with each passing day. What do you do with this new force? Ignore it, allowing others to potentially gain even more strength against you? Attack them, making them yet another enemy? Or do you form a tentative and closely-watched alliance with them, bolstering your strength and giving you access to things you didn't [have access to] prior while being able to keep a careful eye on them?
Thrall's no fool. Allying with the Forsaken gave his people a foothold on the Eastern Kingdoms, and he can keep a close eye on any potential... problems they may cause in the future. The Blood Elves are a strong, sophisticated, arcane race with knowledge of Outland as it is now rather than Draenor that was -- to go in blindly to new frontiers would be folly.
Do not so quickly dismiss the choices of Thrall, my friend. He may initially seem quite the trusting fool, but he is deeply entrenched in the politics and power plays of Azeroth.


Date: 14 February 2012 WoW Forums post by Nyorloth

Thank you to everyone that’s posted so far. This thread is more than just idle musings, however; the ideas and opinions presented here have already begun to spin the wheels for potential plotlines both in the game and in published pieces. You have appeased me for now, and thus I reward you:
For those that called for the revelation of my own favored pairing, I am most intrigued by the relationship between C’Thun, Yogg-Saron, and N’Zoth. Their glory was also the root of their momentary defeat; that the Pantheon, united, only barely triumphed over my eldritch masters, divided, speaks to their power and incomprehensible existence.

Date: 14 February 2012 WoW Forums post by Nyorloth

“They do not die; they do not live. They are outside the cycle.”
Perhaps to actually destroy something that lives outside of time and space, life and death, you would have to erase it from existence completely? Maybe that would explain why records of the Old Gods seem to be… inconsistent? Only those on the outside would know for certain…
Idle musings, pay no heed.

Date: 9 February 2012 WoW Forums post by Nyorloth

“The souls of the undead (Forsaken, PC death knights, ghouls, etc.) are imperfectly attached to their bodies; the dark magic that sustains them is a buffer that prevents their souls from properly joining with their bodies. This is why undead feel only faint sensations of pain or discomfort from most physical stimuli, and why the Light is so painful to their existence. The primary exception to this rule are liches, as liches bind their souls to a phylactery and then use the phylactery to generate a physical form; this process is why lich bodies look nothing like their mortal bodies, and also why you have to destroy a lich’s phylactery to truly kill them.”


Date: 24 March 2012 WoW Forums post by Wryxian

“Thousands of years ago, when the Zandalari and the Mogu boasted the most powerful empires in Azeroth, the Zandalari were actually allied with the Mogu. So when the Pandaren revolted against the Mogu, of course the Zandalari displayed their allegiance to their Mogu friends by attacking the embryonic Pandaren empire. Overcoming this threat was to be one of the Pandaren empire's first tests of strength.
After the passing of so many thousands of years, after the mists had covered Pandaria for so long — keeping ancient threats like the Zandalari at bay — Pandaren children have now come to see the mythological Zandalari somewhat like our children see bogeymen. Scary enough to ensure compliance with the instructions and requests of parents, but at the end of the day, not the kind of threat you ever really see with your own eyes and in your own backyard... right?”

Date: 24 March 2012 WoW Forums post by Wryxian

“The misty shrouds that the last Pandaren Emperor used to protect Pandaria from the demonic jeopardy that threatened Azeroth have done a particularly good job, for no troll has been seen in Pandaria for over 10,000 years. No wonder the Zandalari seem like nothing more than freakish figures of fiction to many Pandaren.
Imagine the Pandaren's surprise when the mists collapse and Pandaria's lush forests and cloud-ringed mountains are once more threatened by the ancient Zandalari menace that they had come to see as nothing more than scary savages in some superstitious stories.”

Date: 25 March 2012 WoW Forums post by Wryxian

"After the mists collapse, of course after 10,000 years the Zandalari are intensely curious about Pandaria, even more so perhaps than the Horde and Alliance are. But is there more to their interest than pure curiosity?
So, just like the Alliance and Horde, they send out their forces to Pandaria. But it would appear they have it in mind to re-connect with their ancient allies, the Mogu. It seems they want to help them retake the land away from the Pandaren and once again bring it under Mogu rule. How very kind of them!
But is their mission to re-establish Mogu rule really so altruistic as that? They seem so desperate to acquire Pandaren territory. What exactly could be their motive, if it isn't just to help out their ancient Mogu allies?"
To find out more, we will need to wait a little while longer so we can head towards Kun-Lai Summit and unravel the secrets that are there to be discovered. :)

Date: 24 March 2012 WoW Forums post by Wryxian

“The place I come from is called New Zealand, and that is how it is known around the entire world. I also call myself a New Zealander, much like the Pandarens of Pandaria. However, the original inhabitants of the place I call New Zealand called (and still call) the exact same place Aotearoa. A place does not necessarily have just one name, and often the name to which a place is referred is a matter of perspective. :)”

Date: 25 March 2012 WoW Forums post by Wryxian

“In Mists of Pandaria, we finally catch up with Lillian Voss. For those who didn't play through the Forsaken starting experience, Lillian Voss was brought back to life by Sylvanas, but despite this she refused to become part of the Forsaken.
After trying to re-connect with her still living father, those players with keen eyes might have noticed her handiwork in Western Plaguelands.
As a non-aligned "free agent," Lillian has some surprising hidden talents. In Mists of Pandaria she's still confused about her situation. Still broiling with internal conflict, despising what she has become.
Now she has a new and grander mission in mind and it revolves around Scholomance and Darkmaster Gandling in particular. She wants to ensure that like herself, no others shall be raised from death and subjugated.”

Blizzplanet Interviews[]

Richard A. Knaak[]

Date: 17 September 2005

Blizzplanet: War of the Ancients Trilogy reveals that Ysera is mother of Cenarius and lover of Malorne. Are Ysera and Elune one and the same?
Knaak: Elune and Ysera are not the same. Here is the explanation, per Blizzard, who did not wish any further elaboration in the novel at the time:
According to the Sundering, it is said that Ysera is Cenarius's mother. However, Dungard the Earthen says that he thought Elune 'birthed' Cenarius.
Elune birthed Cenarius, but gave him up to Malorne because Cenarius was more a creature of the mortal world and could not be with her. Malorne, who had relations with both Elune and Ysera, knew that he could not properly care for his son, but Ysera's love was so great for Malorne that she took Cenarius as her own. Hence being his mother (or adoptive mother).

Date: 17 September 2005

Blizzplanet: This question has gone around in the Community for some time: Is Hakkar the Soulflayer and Hakkar the Houndmaster one and the same, or different entities?
Knaak: Hakkar first existed in WELL OF ETERNITY, as Hakkar the Houndmaster, my creation. Blizzard must have liked the name, because they accidentally took the name afterward for the troll god. Chris Metzen apologized for the mix-up at the L.A. Festival of Books.


Chris Metzen[]

  • Date: 13 March 2013

Twitter post by Chris Metzen

"@ChrisMetzen In Of Blood and Honor, there's a holy warrior depicted in the church. Is it Tyr?”

"As humans imagine him..."

Micky Neilson[]

"@MickyNeilson How many Darkspear Trolls exist? My guild's been debating the number for a while"

"No official numbers but we do know that the Darkspear tribe is smaller than the others."

"@MickyNeilson I have a question about PoP. What is "Pandowan"? A pandaren word... or a pandaren discipline (like the Omnia and Blackguard)?"

"Pandowan is meant to be a term for the young Pandaren who are training on the turtle."

"@MickyNeilson In ToW, A'dal sent help to Theramore. Who informed A'dal? Khadgar, from the Six?"

"Not sure we ever specified... I'd have to check with the Historians."
Date: 22 February 2013 Twitter post by Micky Neilson
"@MickyNeilson What did the Historians said about A'dal's intervention in MoP? Was Khadgar involved at all?"
"We haven't specified, but Khadgar is "the most likely suspect.""

"@MickyNeilson In "Pearl...", we are told that Chen met Grimbooze Thunderbrew. But when? Third War, when Chen fought alongside Magni?"

"Most likely a bit before Chen joined Rexxar to take on Daelin Proudmoore."

"@MickyNeilson how do Sunwalkers see other Paladins? Colleagues? Do they adhere to the same code of consecration as the other races?"

"My own thoughts, based on some Historian input: they would be respectful, but they follow a different path to the Light."
Date: 27 February 2013 Twitter post by Micky Neilson
"@MickyNeilson Conversely, how do Human and Dwarven Paladins in the Alliance see Blood Elf and Tauren Paladins?"
"My opinion - there would still be bitterness toward Blood Knights for stealing from the Naaru. Tauren are new..."
Date: 27 February 2013 Twitter post by Micky Neilson
"@MickyNeilson so what about Elunites, or are they just the light as well? Is that another lost thematic"
"Historian input - the power would come from Elune."

"@MickyNeilson Sorry for asking again, but... Is the Spirit of Wilds the same as the Spirit of Life? Different names in different novels?"

"Haven't revisited that one in a while... basically the same, but we'll be using Spirit of Life moving forward."

"@MickyNeilson Unbroken: Nobundo senses a "multitude of voices" (Life?). Then, an "energy" "in the void" (Arcane/Twis.Neth.?). Got it right?"

"Yep - primarily, life in all things, life on other worlds."
Date: 28 February 2013 Twitter post by Micky Neilson
"@MickyNeilson So, the "new" element that was in the void, binding the world together and composed of unspeakable energy... is Life?"
"Life is what he senses on myriad other worlds. The unspeakable energy is what binds all worlds together."

"@MickyNeilson Wil we learn what happened to the Pearl of Pandaria after it arrived to Pandaria?"

"Remains to be seen. I doubt we've seen the last of it though!"
Date: 4 March 2013 Twitter post by Micky Neilson
"@MickyNeilson Thanks! I hope we learn why were the Naga so desperate for finding the Pearl and Pandaria."
"The naga knew what powers the pearl held. As for Pandaria, gotta wait for that one but there will be an answer."

"@MickyNeilson Is Durumu an actual Observer or does he just look like one?"

"Durumu's not a Burning Legion observer, despite the visual similarity."
Date: 6 March 2013 Twitter post by Micky Neilson
"@MickyNeilson But I thought we found out recently that Observers are not apart of the Burning Legion ;)."
"I wasn't involved in the quest creation, but my guess would be they started off Legion then switched allegiance to Illidan."

"@MickyNeilson Rise of the Horde and the WoW Comic said that the Draenei arrived to Draenor 200 years before W1. That's still accurated?"

"Yep, Historians confirmed."

"@MickyNeilson What's the deal with goblin priests? Do they believe in the Light?"

"They use willpower to wield the Light, driven by greed."

"@MickyNeilson Did the High Elves ever worshipped a Sun God? Or did they just embraced it as an icon of their society?"

"High elves shunned the worship of Elune and embraced the sun, but not a Sun God."

"@MickyNeilson we have been having an argument on who is older. Magaera or Gahz'rilla. Any help would be brilliant!"

"Historian input: Legends say that Gahz'rilla was an Old God pet, which would make Gahz'rilla older, if the legends are true."
"@MickyNeilson Are all the hydra linked to the Old Gods? It seems to be a recurring theme with them."
"@Loreology Loreology might like a crack at this..."
"@MickyNeilson Some hydra (e.g., Aku'mai & Ghaz'rilla) are linked to the Old Gods, but I don't think we've said more than that."

"@Loreology This is kinda of a stupid question, but is the Spirit of Wind in Unbroken is the same thing as the Spirit of Air in other works?"

"Spirit of Wind and Spirit of Air are indeed the same."

Sean Copeland[]

"@Loreology Has the Eye of Dalaran ever been used to repair damage to the Violet Citadel, or is that no longer in continuity?"
"The artifact still exists in our continuity. Can't specify more than that at the current time, though. :)"
"@Loreology Could you clarify whether Anub'arak joined the Scourge willingly or not?"
"Evelyn's "Road to Damnation" story answers this. AA was asked if he agreed to serve. He replied, "‘Agreed’ implies choice." :)"
"@Loreology From a Feralas A quest showed a succubi in disguise a night elf ghost. So are the Succubi corrupted night elves or their own race"
"Succubi are indeed their own race. If you're interested, we also addressed the topic of incubi in the "Ask CDev (#1)" questions."
"@Loreology This part of the Wc3 manual did I mean: "...common ancestry with gryphons and dragons..." Still true?"
"AFAIK, there hasn't been any ruling that contradicts this. I believe it's safe to assume that this lore still holds true."
"@Loreology Are Daemons in WCI Doomguards or a type of Doomguard as shown in the Dalaran Chess Event?"
"No lore reason, but my hunch is that the devs used a doomguard model since it's similar in appearence to old school "daemons". :)"
"@Loreology So Daemons are something different?"
"In Orcish, "dae'mon" = "twisted soul" or "demon". That said, I believe it's safe to assume daemons are demons. :)"
"@Loreology What's the "official" disposition of Aegwynn? Alive/dead/MIA? Comics seem to conflict with books/stories.
"IIRC, Aegwynn died in the WoW comic. She was later interred in Morgan's Plot by the New Council of Tirisfal. /teardrop"
"@Loreology @MickyNeilson So what do the other 3(4?) Trade Princes think of Gallywix and his siding with the Horde? Are they pissed?"
"My guess? Bad business sense. One cartel sided with the Horde (Second War) and lost. Neutrality = More Profit!"
"@Loreology Which loss of troll life influenced the Zandalari? All or just the Zandalari tribe? It seems weird since they incited most."
"Zandalari said, "our kind faces extinction". My take was that he referred to the entire race and not a specific tribe. :)"
"@Loreology Are Blood Knights and Sunwalkers true Paladins or is it just for gameplay purposes? They seem different"
"They have the same in-game abilities for gameplay sake. IIRC, we intentionally avoid referring to Sunwalkers as "paladins". :)"
"@CameronDayton Question: When during the Third War did Gnomer fall? Start, middle or End?"
"The gnomes were absent from the Third War due to the trogg invasion. They fled to IF after the war had ended. :)"
"@LoreologyThe Dragonmaw Orcs like butchering Black dragons (you see bodyparts everywhere...) What do the Red dragons think about this?"
"My guess? The historical deeds of the black dragonflight haven't endeared them to the other flights. Probably unconcered. :)"
"Did Thrall retire the Doom-Plate permanently? Or will he re-wear it as he joins the Siege? Shaman robes-"
"Per The Shattering, Thrall has "shed his skin". The armor of the warchief was brought to Orgrimmar. :)"
"Is "Trade Coalition" still the name of the goblins merchant empire? There are some references outside the RPG but its very little"
"The name is still in use. We see it in "Pearl of Pandaria" and "Trade Secrets of a Trade Prince" stories. :)"
"@DaveKosak @Loreology Where is our beloved Gallywix? What's he been up to? :("
"Gallywix appeared in the recent "Tides of War" novel. He seeks to profit from the war and line his coffers. :)"
"@Loreology How many game years have elapsed in WoW? Thats relevant to new Gnome characters who have been trapped in Gnomeregan all that time"
"IIRC (up to Cataclysm), it's been about four years. More if you factor in MoP, but you asked about gnomes specifically. :)"
"@Loreology I know that RPG's got "decanonized" but any chance of Beve Perenolde to be still canon in particular?"
"It's highly likely that this character would fall under the "not canonical" category given Metzen's ruling. Sorry! :("
"@Loreology Are Skardyn still existent? We didn't see them in cata, but Umbriss did drop [Skardyn's Grace]. Will we see them in WoW?"
"The Skardyn are indeed canonical. However, it's not my call if they would appear in the game. :)"
"@Loreology A lot of Dreadlord whom we thought dead turned out alive. Is Tichondrius really dead or will he come back like the others?"
"According to Eligor Dawnbringer, "Defeating a dreadlord in the mortal plane only sends it back to the Twisting Nether." :)"
"@Loreology Hi Sean! How are you ? Questions : What's the link between Spirit of Life and Holy Light ? What do you know about angels ? Thanks"
"Hello! Spirit of Life (shaman) is different from the Holy Light (priest/paladin). Not enough space to explain here, sadly. :("
"@Loreology The Warcraft Encyclopedia said that the Titans weren't gods, but extremely powerful beings. Still accurated?"
"The former online history page referred to them as "colossal, metallic-skinned gods from the far reaches of the cosmos". :)"
"@Loreology Do paladins/priests take a vow of celibacy? Do they need to be virgins for any reason? I ask odd questions sorry."
"I'd say "no" to this one. This comes from Turalyon's "special" night with Alleria as depicted in Beyond the Dark Portal."
"@Loreology does that include priests? Are they allowed "special nights" like paladins?
"Remember, Turalyon was a priest before becoming a paladin. I don't think any "vows" would change when changing vocations. ;)"
"@Loreology Do Forsaken have souls? Or are they reanimated husks? Big topic on story forums."
"IIRC, their souls are still there. They're just not as connected to their bodies as they once were. Not in a state of harmony. :)"
"@Loreology Their souls can't be human, the Forsaken are too radically different from everyone else for it to just be connection problems."
"Not all Forsaken are human. However, "souls" in this case isn't race specific. That "connection" lore is canonical via Metzen. :)"
"@Loreology do draenei get their light powers directly from the naaru or faith?"
"The TBC manual states, "the naaru instructed the exiles in the way of the Light". They get their powers from the Holy Light. :)"
"@Loreology did blood elves drain the naaru to become priests again or did their faith come back?"
"The power of the renewed Sunwell allows the blood elves to wield the Light without needing to forcefully siphon it. :)"
"@Loreology Are Satyr still considered Night Elves, demons, both, or something different?"
"Demons. They were night elves until they were cursed to become satyr. :)"
"@Loreology Is Illidan still considered an elf, demon, hybrid, or something new?"
"According to Maiev in The Frozen Throne: "Now he is neither night elf nor demon, but something more.""
"@Loreology How much control, if any, does Malfurion have over Darnassus? Is Tyrande the main/only ruler?"
"As Wolfheart has said, Malfurion and Tyrande are co-rulers of the night elves. :)"
"@Loreology Are Banshees just elven spirits or are there human banshees?"
"They started as elven females, but NPCs such as Nissa Agamand might lend evidence that it is no longer the case. :)"
"@Loreology Could the Lich King only die on his frozen throne? Is he impossible to kill anywhere else?"
"As Uther said in WotLK, "Alas, the only way to defeat the Lich King is to destroy him at the place where he was created.""
"@Loreology @1990Sanji The Twisting Nether? He was technically create there. :D How does Uther come up with these things?
"I believe he was referring to the location where the two (Ner'zhul & Arthas) merged to create the "new" Lich King."
"@Loreology If Thrall's busy with the rebellion, who's leading the Earthen Ring?"
"Poor Muln Earthfury. No one seems to remember him running the show. ;)"
"@Loreology Who? Didn't he die? In Deepholme?"
"Nope! He's alive and well as seen in the novel, Tides of War. :)"
"@Loreology Do the Wardens serve anyone? Tyrande, Malfurion, or themselves?"
"The Watchers (and their Warden leaders) answer to the leaders of the night elves. :)"
"@Loreology Are the people in Stormwind taxed?"
"Well, "someone" gets a cut of every in-game mail and Auction House item I send/bid.... ;)"
"@Loreology How much authority does Varian have over his people and nobles? Could he help the homeless? Can Varian ask or demand noble aid?"
"Well, he IS the king. I'm sure he can ask whatever he wants. It is good to be the king, after all. ;)"
"@Loreology Did Tyrande have legal authority to free Illidan? Did the Wardens have to obey? Could they bring him back without Tyrande's ok?"
"Tyrande did indeed have the authority. "Only the goddess can forbid me anything". :)"
"@Loreology Did Malfurion have legal authority to forbid Tyrande from freeing Illidan? What about banishing his brother?"
"Nope! She was the sole ruler of the night elves at that time. See earlier quote from War3. :)"
"@Loreology So WC3= Tyrande, WoW=Mal&Ty? Does that mean Malfurion can make decisions in Darnassus now? Sorry if I'm repeating questions."
"That's correct. However, the two didn't co-rule at the start of WoW. Only when Malfurion was freed from the Emerald Nightmare. :)"
"@Just out of question, does Tyrande still hold enough authority over Malfurion to revert to being sole leader?"
"Good question! That would be very awkward. Imagine the dinner conversation the couple would have to share at home. ;)"
"@Loreology What's the legal relationship between Malfurion, Tyrande, and the Wardens? Who has authority over who?"
"The co-rulers of the night elves has authority over the Watchers. :)"
"@Loreology So when the wardens refused to free Illidan, they were breaking the law? Not asking morality, just legality. What about Maiev?"
"My thought is that they should have backed down. They were just consumed with the notion that he was too dangerous to be free. :)"
"@Loreology When Malfurion banned Illidan, he had the authority to? Could Tyrande disregard that? Maiev hunting Illidan, was that supported?"
"Tyrande led the drive to reform night elf society after the WotA. Most saw Illidan's actions as dangerous."
"Maiev's hunt was commented on by Mal in TFT: "It's no use, Tyrande. She has become vengeance itself, bound forever to the hunt.""
"@Loreology Are Satyrs what night elves would turn into if they gorged themselves on fel or do they deviate from the natural transformation?"
"IIRC, the satyr curse was specific. It was passed down from Xavius himself. :)"
"@Loreology Given that Gilneas has a cathedral, did Gilneas have its own bishop of the Church?"
"I would assume they had some leader there guiding the Gilnean people. I don't believe we've specified that at the current time. :)"
"@Loreology Are the Draenei immortal (can't die of old age), or just long living?"
"At least one draenei (Velen) is immortal. We haven't specified about the others, though some do remember Argus. :)"
"@Loreology Can I ask what the general opinion of DKs and Highborne are in Nelf society? Is xenophobia still part of their culture?"
"Hi, Mely! Wolfheart partially tackled the Highborne part (and Maiev wasn't so pleased), but I'll check on the DKs. :)"
"@Loreology Dumb question. Which version of Deadmines is canon Herioc or normal? As I am unsure if Vanessa Vancleef's death is canon."
"It isn't a dumb question, sir. Vanessa's existence in the lore is indeed canon. As for her death, we'll just have to see. ;)"
"@Loreology Was Sif, Thorim's wife, a watcher or a Hyldnir he fell in love with?"
"I believe that Sif was not a watcher. I dig the idea that she won Thorim's heart. Now that's a story I want to read! ;)"
" @Loreology If the Silver Hand is now exclusively in the Argent Crusade, the player human / dwarf paladin should not be neutral ?"
"IIRC, it's now the Argent Crusade. This is per Tirion's words during the "The Light of Dawn" quest event. :)"
"Did Malfurion have legal authority to forbid Tyrande from freeing Illidan? What about banishing his brother?"
"Sorry it was unclear! Mal did not have "official" authority over Tyrande back then. She was the sole ruler of the night elves. :)"
"@Loreology Can Dreadlords die, like elementals, or are they just good at staging their deaths?"
"IIRC, defeating a dreadlord sends it back into the Twisting Nether. From there, they may return again. :)"
"@Loreology Is there any relation between Anzu and Blaithe? Is there a whole species of demi (quarter?) gods like that?"
"I don't think so. That's just my personal thought on it, though. :)"
"@Loreology That's to "any relation" or to "whole species"?"
"That was for "any relation". :)"
"@Loreology Did the Legion (Not demons) exist before Sargeras ruled them, or were they created after?"
"@Loreology after i think"
"Correct. Demons existed before Sargeras, but he was the founder of the Legion. :)"
"@Loreology How many elemental planes exist?"
"There is only one in established lore. It has subregions, though. :)"
"@Loreology serious question: Would undead children grow up? (1)"
"I'm leaning toward "No" here, given that it wouldn't be a natural thing... you know, since they're dead. :)"
"@Loreology but nerubians and spiders can hatch eggs and grow up in undeath, and KT is said to have nursed an undead whelping into adulthood"
"It would require magical means, sure. But I read "growing up" as a normal progression of life for the living. :)"
"@Loreology @DaveKosak why didn't the shado-pan remove garrosh's eyes, feet and fingers when they took him, as they'd usually do?"
"My guess is because of the prisoner and how many enemies he has... and because of an upcoming novel. ;)"
"@Loreology After Varian's post SoO spiel, world you say there's a complete ceasefire in effect or simply a 'desire' to end hostilities?"
"There's a ceasefire, but keep in mind there will always be conflict. Not everyone follows the rules. :)"
"@Loreology How are the elements of Ogrimmar doing post siege? Is Ogrimmar a more hellish place(toxic air, stagnant waters etc) to live now?"
"The Earthen Ring is doing their best to soothe what they can, but no detailed lore on its current state post-siege. :)"
"@Loreology Is the Earthen Ring more sided with the Horde now then?"
"They are a neutral faction and not tied to either Horde or Alliance. :)"
"@Loreology So the gossip saying that Cenarion Circle is now Alliance biased and Earthen Ring Horde biased is false? Good! :D"
"Yes, both organizations are indeed neutral. :)"
"@Loreology Does Malfurion have any conflicts about this..?"
"It's a delicate situation, but he did work side by side with Hamuul Runetotem in defending Hyjal. :)"
"@Loreology Why are death knight allowed within the alliance but undead aren't? Does Tirion Fordring's word seriously have that much pull?"
"He does when it comes to Varian. "Indeed, old friend. Blood and Honor.. If anyone understands redemption…it is Tirion." :)"
"Fun fact: Despite it being seen with apostrophe (game) and a hyphen (publications), the hyphen is the canonical spelling of "Lok-tar!". :)"
"@Loreology So would that be the same for Darnassian/Darnassae with Ishnu-ala?"
"Darnassian is different from Orcish, but the phrase you used is indeed hyphenated: "Ishnu-alah". :)"
"@Loreology so is that just for Lok-tar? Or for others in the orc language?"
"There are apostrophes in other phrases (Aka'magosh, Gol'kosh!), but Lok-tar is hyphenated. :)"
"@loreology Silly question, but if Rend is killed by adventurers, then who leads them once they're granted amnesty? X-D"
"Some (like Malkorok) joined the Horde. That in mind, those that followed would be led by the warchief. :)"
"@Loreology Still waiting on that Malkorok x Garrosh story. LOL Is it safe to assume that amnesty was granted through Malk?"
"My guess is, yes, the same amnesty would be granted. :)"
"@Loreology Still confused about Anveena. She's the embodiment of the Sunwell but Kalec loved her? So she was a real person at one point?"
"Anveena was never really "human". But Borel's magic on her had unexpected effects (like her ability to fall in love). :)"
"@Loreology why did dragons stop being able to reproduce after deathwing died? :("
"Hinted in Dawn of the Aspects (p. 84): ...and her ability to lay more been forever taken away.". :)"
"@Loreology Hinted at, but what's your ruling? I would imagine they could reproduce before they became aspects?"
"@Loreology Are we talking about just the aspects not being able to reproduce or all dragons?"
"The ruling: dragons, after the fall of DW, are mortal and cannot reproduce. TLPTB may change l8tr."
"@loreology Though I could point out Tyrande's hair went from blue to green and her voice went Jamaican… >.<"
"Accent aside, "...can't a lady change her hair color once in a while?" --TLPTB"
"@Loreology from lore perspective, do you see older nelfs holding traces of their troll accent, or was transform too long ago"
"We lack a specific date for the transformation, but it's been a long time. My hunch is "No", culturally speaking."
"@Loreology What colour is orc blood? Would be great to have some clarification. :)"
"It's reddish-black in color. :)"
"@Loreology How do Varian/Jaina know of Bolvar's fate in The Shattering? Were they there? Did Tiron tell them?"
" No ruling on who specifically told them, but they have information gathering resources, I'm sure. :)"
"@Loreology I remember in one of the books Krasus put eggs in a pocket universe..are they still there? cannot remember from any future events"
"They were blue dragonflight eggs. This is why there are still blue dragons around after the War of the Ancients. :)"
"@Loreology @DaveKosak Are the Cenarion Druids trying to heal Ashenvale of the damage of the deforestation by the Horde?"
"I'm guessing that it is on their "To Do" list. :)"
"@Loreology What color is night elf blood? There's some confusion with Warcraft 3 having it strictly purple and later art having it red."
"High elves have red blood. Since they come from night elves, I assume it is the same. I'll check. :)"
"@Loreology So how about the night elf blood color? In the novel Shattering it says it's purple but art and ingame shows it red."
"The in-game color might just be a game mechanic. For example, I believe it's the same for the orcs (who have reddish-black)."
"@Loreology The possibility of Ji Firepaw dying during Siege of Orgrimmar is non-canon... right? <.<"
"The lore ruling I've received is Ji Firepaw is alive. :)"
"@Loreology been wondering, the scourge and Arthas's eyes glow blue but so too do Uther's, at least in the Hearthstone art. any relevance?"
"Not linked lore-wise, for sure. The color of the Scourge glow was intentional though."
"@Loreology Why did Malygos target the Kirin Tor when their existence is to police magic?"
"IIRC, it was because they believed the Kirin Tor were abusing the arcane (e.g., making their city a floating one). :)"
"@Loreology I thought the KT went to Northrend to fight Maly for fighting mages instead of Maly hitting them first?"
"Per Chris, KT floated the city so that no ground assault by the Scourge could put the smackdown on them again. :)"
"@loreology Was it a single event that caused Maly's war against magic, or the overall use and abuse of magic?"
"It was the overall abuses he saw. :)"
"@Loreology So I just realized Thrall's kid is named Durak. Did you know what it means in Russian? (It means "idiot, fool")"
"It was known. Name is a mixture of Durotan and Draka. Orcish =/= Russian. ;)"'
"@Loreology Were all the humans who followed Garithos racist? I have a hard time believing all the survivors of Lordearon were."
"It's unfair to label a large group of people due the actions and mindsets of a few. ::)"
"@Loreology Looking for canon amount of time draenei were on Draenor before Kil'jaeden showed up. 200 years?"
"RotH uses "two hundred summers", IIRC. :)"
"@Loreology kil'jaeden left behind his necklace. Who took it and why? Lich king his broken sword Why and who took it? DW's jaw why took it?"
"So players can watch that awesome cinematic? I believe it's more a game thing than a lore on, my friend. :)"
"@Loreology Why didnt Darnassus simply give the divine bell to Jaina? Why did they keep it in their city?"
"IIRC, it was for study and safekeeping. Ms. Skyglaive might have had influence for its destination. :)"
"@Loreology Is it year 31 or 32 right now as of MoP's end? Not sure if this one was in real time or not, since vanilla - wotlk weren't."
"The only public date we've released is the beginning of MoP. I haven't been given a date for WoD, but my *guess* is Year 31. :)"
"@Loreology Um, what effect is the sunwell having on Blood Elves currently, emotional, body and soul?"
"Valeera: As a babe, I drank in magic with my mother's milk. I didn't ask to be dependant on it. And it helped me to survive."
"Current status, my *guess* is that since it's restored it has the effect it did before (but now with added Holy Magic!). :)"
"@loreology Big question: Why did Doomhammer opt to negotiate with the Kingdom of Alterac instead of just Ork his Horde through there?"
"The novel, Tides of Darkness, touched on this a bit. Aside from avoiding heavy losses, he made a deal and despised dishonor. :)"
"@Loreology Hi! In ZA what animal god essence Malacrass sealed to himself? Dung journal just says 'darkest one'."
"I wrote that one! I was informed that it was supposed to remain a mystery. No approval to release that info atm. :)"
"@Loreology Is Sylvanas immune to her plague? Does she possess the ability to turn into a banshee still?"
"Lore-wise, Sylvanas has the ability to shift into corporeal and incoporeal forms (it' is kind of like the "Matrix Twins"). :)"
"@Loreology Is Kil'jaden fully loyal to Sargeras, or is he trying to take over the Legion?"
"Loyal to the Legion. Sargeras went MIA after the death of Medivh, he's running things in his place."
"@Loreology Are Demons the source of Fel magic?"
"They contain fel magic, but they aren't "the" source. The nature of this magic is created from destroying something else. :)"
"Think "Burn life to create" kind of thing. :)"
"@Loreology is holy of prists and paladin is same energy?'/megics?"
"Both priests and paladins can wield the Holy Light. However, not all wield it through the same means (e.g., Elune, An'she)"
"@Loreology So the end product (Holy Light spells, etc) is the same, just the philosophy that masters it different?"
"I think for game-related reasons, yes. Examples that come to mind are night elf priests and tauren paladins. :)"

Dave Kosak[]

  • Date: 23 July 2014

Twitter Post by Dave Kosak

"@DaveKosak Is the Unholy Light a form of manifested light, changed by the wielder, just like Elune's moonlight and the Light of An'she?”

""Unholy light" is really just shadow/void magic, so that's kinda a weird ability kit there."