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Image of Blokk
Gender Male
Race Ogre
Occupation Servant of Zhahara Darksquall, Partner to Rumblefitz
Status Alive
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This article contains lore taken from the Warcraft manga or comics.

Blokk is a simpleminded ogre who served as the mount of the goblin alchemist Rumblefitz and was hired by Zhahara Darksquall to find the Pearl of Pandaria.


Blokk and Rumblefitz spied on Li Li Stormstout and Strongbo as they made their way from Westfall to Stormwind. The goblin sent his companion to seek out Zhahara and tell her that he had found two pandaren and was planning on following them.

Blokk found Zhahara overlooking the Dark Portal in the Blasted Lands, preparing for the arrival of the blademaster Rahjak. When the fel orc emerged through the portal, Blokk asked if he should help. Zhahara explained that Rahjak didn't need any assistance, which was quickly proven when the blademaster slaughtered the portal's defenders.

After visiting Brewfest, Li Li and Strongbo journeyed to Kalimdor aboard a zeppelin while Blokk, Rumblefitz, and Rahjak pursued them on a ship. Rahjak admonished Rumblefitz for possibly ruining his chance to face Bo in combat and warned the goblin that if an incident like the Deeprun Tram—when Rumblefitz had been discovered and ended up in a fight with the pandaren—happened again, he would skin the alchemist alive. When Rumblefitz started to reply in a mocking manner, Rahjak punched Blokk in the chest, causing the ogre to vomit, and then amended his statement: he would skin Rumblefitz alive, then feed what was left of him to the ogre. He finally stated, however, that he would let Rumblefitz live for now since Zhahara apparently saw something in him.

Rahjak eventually managed to capture Li Li in Azshara after she got separated from Strongbo. Zhahara's cohorts brought the pandaren to an island and chained her up, with Rahjak leaving her a spyglass so she could watch Bo die once he arrived to save her. Li Li made a bet with Blokk, challenging him that the ogre couldn't drink her entire bottle of brew. Unbeknownst to Blokk, the bottle was, in fact, the Jug of a Thousand Cups, a magical vessel capable of holding an endless amount of beer. Blokk took up the challenge, as he began deciding it was the best drink he ever had.

Bo arrived at sunrise, fighting Rahjak to free Li Li. After they had fought for some time, Blokk managed to finish the entire jug of brew and immediately passed out from the alcohol, allowing Li Li to steal his keys and escape her bonds.[1]

Blokk was last seen lying unconscious on the island, and he was the only one of the villainous group to survive the ordeal.