Blood Debt

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NeutralBlood Debt
Start Navarrogg
End Navarrogg
Level 100 - 110 (Requires 98)
Category Highmountain
Experience 15,050
Reputation +250 Highmountain Tribe
Rewards Artifact Relic
15g 40s
Previous N [100 - 110] Pet Rocks, N [100 - 110] Stonedark Crystal, N [100 - 110] They Will Pay With Blood
Next N [100 - 110] Step into the Dark


Defeat Torok Bloodtotem at Torok's Bluff.


You have proven a much greater ally than the Bloodtotem ever were. With my focus crystal, my wounds are healed. I fear Frag was too far gone to revive.

Torok and his Bloodtotem will suffer for what they have done to us. Let's pay them a visit before they can mount an attack against the cave of my people.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Specs Artifact Relic
Vengeance Balance Arcane Fire  [Stonedark Focus]
Blood Feral Guardian Marksmanship Shadow Outlaw Restoration Arms Protection  [Bloodsinger Essence]
Havoc Beast Mastery Subtlety Destruction  [Torok's Heart]
Unholy Guardian Beast Mastery Fire Retribution Enhancement Demonology Destruction Fury  [Demonkindre Fangs]
Frost Feral Arcane Frost Elemental  [Bloodtotems' Fear]
Holy Protection Retribution Discipline Holy  [Valor of the Stonedark]
Vengeance Survival Windwalker Protection Assassination Outlaw Arms Protection  [Frag's Core]
Balance Restoration Brewmaster Mistweaver Holy Holy Restoration  [Instincts of the Elderhorn]
Havoc Blood Frost Unholy Discipline Shadow Assassination Subtlety Affliction Demonology  [Betrayal of the Bloodtotem]
Marksmanship Survival Brewmaster Windwalker Elemental Enhancement Fury  [Ironbull's Last Words]
Removed from game The subject of this section did not make it out of the beta stages.
Restoration Frost Mistweaver Restoration  [Highmountain's Tear]

You will also receive: 15g 40s (at level 100)


Drogbar are not violent by nature, despite our size. But the Bloodtotem crossed us, and they pay the debt in blood.


You have earned my trust. The Stonedark are not yet safe from our brothers led by Dargrul the Underking. We would willingly join Mayla Highmountain and her tauren against them.



While killing Feltotem at Torok's Bluff:

Torok Bloodtotem yells: No outsider will wield the Hammer of Khaz'goroth! Flay them alive!

While in the area, make sure to kill Torok's corrupted son, Mellok, who is standing at [48, 27].

Upon walking onto the rope bridge between the main bluff and Torok's hut:

Torok Bloodtotem yells: Don't let them cross that bridge or I'll have your hides!

Upon fully crossing the bridge:

Torok Bloodtotem yells: We are Bloodtotem! Would you let the weak overcome us?!

Upon killing Torok:

Navarrogg says: Torok will not trouble the Stonedark again. Let's head to the homeland of my people.


  1. N [100 - 110] The Bloodtotem Tribe
  2. N [100 - 110] Witch of the Wood & N [100 - 110] Hags of a Feather & N [100 - 110] I Have a Bad Feeling About This
  3. N [100 - 110] An Audience with Torok
  4. N [100 - 110] Cave of the Blood Trial
  5. N [100 - 110] Rite of Blood
  6. N [100 - 110] Rock Troll in a Hard Place
  7. N [100 - 110] Pet Rocks & N [100 - 110] Stonedark Crystal & N [100 - 110] They Will Pay With Blood
  8. N [100 - 110] Blood Debt
  9. N [100 - 110] Step into the Dark
  10. N [100 - 110] Unexpected Allies

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