NeutralBlood for Blood
Start Magistrix Seyla
End Magistrix Seyla
Level 25-30
Type Daily
Category Hellfire Peninsula
Experience 12650
Reputation +250 Shattered Sun Offensive
Rewards 5x  [Mark of Sargeras] or 5x  [Sunfury Signet]
5g 15s
Repeatable Yes
Previous N [25-30] The Missing Magistrix

Blood for Blood is one of the two Shattered Sun Offensive daily quests located at the Throne of Kil'jaeden in Hellfire Peninsula. Players must have completed the quest N [25-30] The Missing Magistrix before Seyla offers this quest.


Magistrix Seyla at the Throne of Kil'jaeden wants you to kill 4 Emaciated Felbloods by using the  [Fel Siphon] on them. You will need  [Demonic Blood] from nearby Wrath Heralds to power the Fel Siphon.


When Kael's forces retreated through that portal, his most loyal lackeys were rewarded with an abominable gift. They stayed behind and gorged themselves on the blood of demons for days.

The blood has changed them, given them new powers. It will also prove their undoing.

Obtain blood samples from other demons. Use them to power this fel siphon and deprive these arrogant fools of their new powers. Slay them in their weakened state and return to me.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Spell shadow demonicfortitude.png 5x [Mark of Sargeras] Inv jewelry ring 36.png 5x [Sunfury Signet]

You will also receive:


These freaks are a disgrace to our race. You must destroy them, <name>.


Fools. They learned to drain fel energy but did not learn how to retain it.

We were lucky, <name>. An experienced felblood would've surely been a formidable opponent.


Use the Fel Siphon on the Fel Initiates. You can spot them channeling the Suspended Terrorguards.

Emaciated Felbloods will only appear when you use the provided  [Fel Siphon] with the dropped  [Demonic Blood] on Felblood Initiates in the area. They are elite, so expect to get hit hard if you cannot use the  [Fel Siphon] in time. The  [Fel Siphon] will, however, slow them during channeling. When the channeling is complete, the Initiate will do an emote before switching to a wretched non-elite Emaciated Felblood. It is a good idea to keep 3 or 4 Demonic Blood in your inventory while in this area because if you aggro another Felblood Initiate it is safer to convert them to a non-elite and kill them than to deal with them at full strength. However, they are soloable even in their elite state.


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