Blood of Heroes

Blood of Heroes is a common item that can occasionally be found in the Eastern and Western Plaguelands.


Blood of Heroes is found on the ground in objects that look like a small dark pool enclosed with many stones. Sometimes due to the geography of the surrounding area, portions of the graphic will be "underground" and only a portion of the object will be visible—this is especially likely if the object spawns on the side of a hill. To ease searching for Blood of Heroes, use control-leftclick on the "World Map" screen to add markers at the locations below.

Locations in Eastern Plaguelands

Blood of Heroes in Eastern Plaguelands

Additional spawnpoints rumored in Plaguewood, no exact coordinates available.

Locations in Western Plaguelands

These spawn points are rumored to have different respawn timers, being anywhere from 8 to 24 hours. It also seems Blood of Heroes are more likely to be found just as a server comes back online.

As an ingredient



Removed from game The subject of this section did not make it out of the beta stages of World of Warcraft: 2.0.1.

As a quest objective


Blood of Heroes can be difficult to obtain, especially when playing solo, due to the object's guardian spawns. When opened, one or two Fallen Heroes are summoned. These mobs are hard-hitting level 60 elites with 9000 health and the ability Incapacitating Shout, which slows movement speed by 60% for 1 minute. Certain classes can use their abilities to escape these elites with ease, while others will need to strategize when attempting to collect this item and survive on their own.

Below are some common tactics used to obtain Blood of Heroes while playing solo:

  • Using an item or ability that removes snares, such as  [Living Action Potion] or [Escape Artist], will remove Incapacitating Shout, allowing you to run away and leash the Fallen Heroes.
  • Hunters should place their pet on defensive and drop a [Freezing Trap] immediately before opening the Blood of Heroes. The trap will take care of one Fallen Hero, and the pet will distract the other, leaving plenty of time to loot and make a getaway (albeit slowly). This usually involves the death of the pet. If one of the Fallen Heroes eventually gives chase - they have a tremendous aggro range and are very persistent - simply [Feign Death].
  • Mages may spam blink while they are opening the blood after having used autoloot (Shift Right Click), potentially teleporting them far from the Fallen Heroes before they even spawn and avoiding aggro. This method is unreliable and potentially risky.

If all else fails, simply remove all durable items before looting the Blood of Heroes to avoid durability loss when dying. Be careful not to resurrect in aggro range of the elites, and be aware that some locations are quite far from graveyards.

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