NeutralBlood of the Warlord
Start  [Blood of Zul'jin]
End Budd Nedreck
Level 70 (Requires 68)
Type Raid
Category Zul'Aman
Next N [70R] Undercover Sister

Blood of the Warlord starts from the  [Blood of Zul'jin] in Zul'Aman. The follow-up quest is N [70R] Undercover Sister.


Bring the Blood of Zul'jin to Budd at his camp in the Ghostlands, outside Zul'Aman.


As you examine the pulsating vial, your thoughts turn to the petulant little man outside Zul'Aman.

You can't wait to see Budd's expression when he sees this!


<Budd tries to mask his displeasure at your presence.>

You again....

I don't know how else to say it - I'm simply too busy with my preparations to hold your hand any longer.

Trust me, <name>, it's all for the best. Perhaps, by some miracle, you might eventually build a name for yourself.

If so, you'll be able to say that you got your start from the incomparable Budd Nedreck!


Th-the Blood of Zul'jin himself you say?

<Gathering himself, Budd continues>

Well, I appreciate the gesture, <class>, but I could've taken him down with ease. There's no way he was as fearful as the legends say. These things have a way of being utterly overstated, as you'll learn in time. More likely, the pitiful old cretin was overcome with arthritis!

Anyway, I suppose it was the least you could do as payment for the kindness I've shown you here.

Now off with you - I must dispose of this vile vial!


After turning in the Blood of Zul'jin, Budd runs over to a burning troll building nearby, starting a small (and incredibly amusing) event.

Budd throws the vial of Zul'jin's blood into the fire of the burning building.
Budd Nedreck yells: As my most recent gift to the lowly inhabitants of Azeroth, the evil Zul'jin is no more!
Budd is suddenly lifted up into the air!
Budd Nedreck yells: What's this? No, no, there must be some misunderstanding. I can explaaaiiin....
Budd is pulled into the burning building. He runs out shortly thereafter, having caught fire.
Budd Nedreck yells: WAAAHH! This was all <name>'s idea! Some of my best friends are forest trolls....

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