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Main leader IconSmall Magnataur.gif Grom'thar the Thunderbringer
Membership 53
Race(s) Magnataur
Capital Bloodmar encampment
Theater of operations Dragonblight
Status Active
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This article contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

The Bloodmar are a massive magnataur tribe by their standards. Led by the mighty Grom'thar the Thunderbringer, this community is located in the Dragonblight. With over 50 members in its ranks, they continue to build their numbers and gather resources in preparation for making war on the other races of the world. Fortunately, it would appear that they will be fighting against the Scourge first, since the undead are the most imminent threat.

Their encampment boasts spiked wooden walls and gates, which are the most advanced defenses seen in most magnataur settlements. They also appear to be stockpiling resources in a nearby cave system, which is much more organization than usual from magnataur. In general, these creatures are no different from other magnataur, but they have somehow been whipped into a group by their leader, who uses promises of great power to prevent them from slaughtering each other — he threatens swift and painful death if they betray him.[1]


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