Bloodmyst Radiation was an affliction that poisoned the local fauna and flora of Azuremyst and Silvergale isles. This was caused by the crash of the Exodar, which allowed bloodmyst crystals to be scattered all throughout the lands.[1] Very little life on Silvergale Isle remains untainted and because of the contamination, its name was changed to Bloodmyst Isle.[2][3]

Creatures affected by the radiation exhibited different symptoms. These include pain, loss of control, aggression, enlargement, newfound intellect, and mutation.[4][5][6]

Transmission occurs if a target stays close to a crystal for a long period of time.[7]

Harbinger Mikolaas believes the blood elves had altered some of the crystals.[8] While Defender Sorli prevented the use of infected water elementals as a new source of energy.[9][10]

Satyrs have also been using the crystals as weapons.[11]


  • Through consumption of contaminated water.[12]
  • Animal through animal consumption.[13]
  • Being close to a crystal.[14][7]
  • Royal Blue Flutterers have been flying around as carriers of the radiation and have been spreading it to others at an accelarating rate.[15]


  • Draenei who survived the crash are in constant pain due to the radiation.[16]
  • Critters which once roamed the islands have mutated.[17]
  • Lashers have mutated into Mutated Root Lashers though contaminated lake water.[12] Apprentice Vishael feared that the lashers would not be able to repopulate because of the radiation poisoning.[18]
  • The owlbeasts of Silvermyst Isle turned violent.[14]
  • The Oomooroo wildkin have been at peace with the Stillpine tribe until a blood crystal infected their tribe. They now protect the crystal with their lives.[19][20]
  • Pieces of crystal have become embedded in the wooden roots of the islands' trees and are slowly replacing them by attaching themselves on to them.[21]
  • Royal Blue Flutterers showed few symptoms of mutation at first before progressively getting worse.[15]
  • Strange marks on the flesh of animals.[9]
  • Water elementals slowly turning into crystal.[9]
  • The Vector Coil changed creatures profoundly by the energies leaking from the crystal. Mutated Tanglers appear to have learned how to create, set, and conceal vicious traps.[6]
  • The spiders of Amberweb Pass became larger and more aggressive due to the contamination.[5]






This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.

The Kurken may be a mutated creature since Kurz the Revelator claimed he came with the wildkin when they attacked.[25]



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