NeutralBloodsail's End
Start Baron Revilgaz
End Baron Revilgaz
Level 10-30
Category Cape of Stranglethorn
Experience 2,150
Reputation +500 Booty Bay
Rewards  [Booty Bay Pendant]
or  [Booty Bay Pantaloons]
or  [Booty Bay Helm]
or  [Booty Bay Trousers]

 [Star of Stranglethorn]
Previous N [10-30] The Final Voyage of the Brashtide,
N [10-30] Turning the Brashtide,
N [10-30] The Damsel's (Bad) Luck

Bloodsail's End has you killing the leader of the Bloodsail Buccaneers, Fleet Master Firallon.


Baron Revilgaz in Booty Bay wants you to kill Fleet Master Firallon


We've nearly won the day, largely thanks to you. One task remains, however... kill Fleet Master Firallon.

It looks like most of Firallon's crew is already dead, but I know that old sea dog well enough to know that he's not done yet. No, he's cooped up tight in his cabin, ready to go down with his ship.

Speak with Kebok again to get a wind rider. I'll try to hold off the cannonfire while you're on board.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv jewelry necklace 28naxxramas.png [Booty Bay Pendant] Inv pants leather 39v1.png [Booty Bay Pantaloons]
Inv helmet 187v3.png [Booty Bay Helm] Inv pants leather 39v1.png [Booty Bay Trousers]

You will also receive:

Inv offhand blood 01.png [Star of Stranglethorn]


<Name>! You're awake! We found you bobbing in the harbor, shortly after the remaining attackers had turned tail. We were worried about you for a while there...

I've been meaning to thank you, <name>. Not only did you provide us with the intelligence to prepare for this attack, but you helped fight off the Bloodsail AND the Brashtide. Your name will always be remembered here in Booty Bay.

We here in Booty Bay pride ourselves on our booty. Care to take first pick?


  1. N [10-30] The Bloodsail Buccaneers
  2. N [10-30] Bloodsail Treachery
  3. N [10-30] The Baron Must Be Told
  4. N [10-30] Details of the Attack
  5. N [10-30] Getting In With the Bloodsail
  6. N [10-30] Seeing Where Your Loyalties Lie
  7. N [10-30] Your First Day as a Pirate
  8. N [10-30] Swabbing Duty & N [10-30] Cannonball Swim & N [10-30] The Bane of Many A Pirate
  9. N [10-30] Attracting Attention
  10. N [10-30] Ol' Blasty
  11. N [10-30] Drive-By Piracy
  12. N [10-30] The Damsel's Luck
  13. N [10-30] Making Mutiny & N [10-30] Sinking From Within & N [10-30] The Brashtide Crew
  14. N [10-30] Call of Booty
  15. N [10-30] Doublerum
  16. N [10-30] Return to Revilgaz
  17. Complete all of:
    • Revilgaz's quest chain
    1. N [10-30] Prepare for Takeoff
    2. N [10-30] The Final Voyage of the Brashtide
    • Seahorn's quest chain
    1. N [10-30] Seeking Seahorn
    2. N [10-30] Turning the Brashtide & N [10-30] The Damsel's (Bad) Luck
  18. N [10-30] Bloodsail's End

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