NeutralBloodscale tribe
Bloodscale Enclave.jpg
One of their settlements
Main leader IconSmall Naga Female.gif Rajis Fyashe
Race(s) IconSmall Naga Male.gifIconSmall Naga Female.gif Naga
IconSmall Broken Male.gif Broken (slaves)
IconSmall Water.gif Water elemental (servants)
Invisible stalker (servants)
Character classes Mage, Warrior
Capital Bloodscale Grounds
Other major settlements Bloodscale Enclave
Theater of operations Zangarmarsh
Affiliation Illidan's Naga, Illidan's forces

Wanted Poster.png

The Bloodscale tribe[1] is a tribe of Illidan's Naga based in Zangarmarsh. Their presence threatens the broken, trolls, sporelings, and Cenarion Expedition that have carved out holdings in the area. They are served by water elementals and sentries.[2]


The Bloodscale have enslaved part of the Wrekt brokens, they use them to lumber mushrooms. Some of these Wrekt are sent to the islands in Marshlight Lake by the naga, and are eaten by the bogstrok Terrorclaw. Maktu was of these enslaved broken but managed to escape from the naga.[3]

Ever since the Cenarion Expedition set in Zangarmarsh this naga have launched lethal attacks against them without warning, in response of this Warden Hamoot, responsable of the expedition's security, is sending heroes to defeat these naga and the Darkcrest naga.[4] He had also put a wanted poster, seeking the head of their leader Rajis Fyashe and advising that the Bloodscale are extremely dangerous.[5] These attacks are sent because the Bloodscale naga oversee two of the four steam pumps that are used to drain the water of Zangarmarsh, they are in charge of the one in Serpent Lake and the one in Marshlight Lake.[6][7]

The Bloodscale have also begun to kill sporeggar and they are looking for help to attack the naga.[8][9][10]

The Darkspear Trolls of Zabra'jin are threatened by this naga.[11]

The Steam Pump Overseers control the steam pumps and carry the  [Drain Schematics], which are documents that had their plan annotated.[12] In one of the setlements of the Bloodscale there is a Coilfang Emissary, probably to mantain the Bloodscale informed.