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This bloodstone is a ruby red gem of power belonging to Kira Iresoul. It allows its wielder to bind any demon to their will.


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To gain her trust, the First of the Council of the Black Harvest accepted to retrieve something of personal value to Kira that had been stolen by the naga in Azsuna, who had been snatching anything with any sort of magical significance. Fortunately, they did not know how to access the power of her Bloodstone.[1] Bloodstones contain a great deal of power that can only be awakened once they are fed. However they did not feast on fish and cakes, they hungered for blood: the more powerful, the better. Kira needed the First of the Council to nourish her stone with the blood of the demons of Felblaze Ingress, so that she may unlock its power.[2]

The Bloodstone sated, Kira wished to use its power to bend the will of demons that would otherwise not be so easily controlled. Having never witnessed the direct effect of the Bloodstone's power on a demon before, she asked the First to use it on suitable test subjects, a few imps that she had procured. The test failed, and the subjects died during the testing process.[3]

After having been fed with the blood of hundreds of demons and the heart of Cordana Felsong, Kira's Bloodstone was finally used to submit the powerful Eredar Twins, Lady Sacrolash and Grand Warlock Alythess, so that the Council could force them to cure Shinfel Blightsworn from the curse of doom they had afflicted her with.


This item is dropped by Narashi Spitescale.

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