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The Bloodstone Artifacts are powerful bloodstone relics that belonged to Lady Sylvanas Windrunner and were held by the Forsaken in a secure vault in the Undercity. Forsaken apothecaries needed them for certain of their studies, but they were stolen by a group of four traitors led by Kegan Darkmar. The thieves brought them to Dalaran, where the wizards would quarantine them in the Lordamere Internment Camp.[1]

There, they were extensively studied by Warden Belamoore who recorded her researches into her journal. The artifacts are:

There was a fifth bloodstone pendant which Warden Belamoore studied, but it was stolen on the way to Dalaran. Its whereabouts are unknown. Strangely enough, Wordeen Voidglare, who was trying to recover the gems for the Dark Lady,[1] didn't mention this stone when he sent the player to their pursuit.


According to the studies recorded in  [Belamoore's Research Journal] these stones fool most tests and are neither living, nor dead. They attract and drink blood, which they seem to be made of, and are fused with all elemental forces (fire, water, thunder, and rock). She also felt the presence of a deep, hidden, hungry power, yearning for release. Kegan Darkmar described them as remnants of the Old Gods and terrible weapons.


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  • The origin of the artifacts is unknown. They may have come from the Drywhisker Gorge, where Lesser Bloodstone Ores are mined. As described, these Bloodstone Artifacts seem to be connected to the Old Gods, since their powers are alike to the Old Gods' yearning for release and holding elemental forces. Perhaps it is the physical by-product of such a proposed Old God, akin to Yogg-Saron's Saronite. Kegan Darkmar's description seems to support this. Bloodstone may be the blood of N'Zoth as his territory covered much of what is now the Eastern Kingdoms, or Yogg-Saron's, whose Saronite blood cropped up in numerous places over the planet, where Great Trees were grown to staunch the corruption.

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