Bloodthorn pale

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MobBloodthorn pale
Bloodthorn pale.jpg
Main leader IconSmall Pale.gif Gorum (presumed)
Race(s) IconSmall Pale.gif Pale orc
Base of operations Bloodthorn Cave
Theater of operations Shadowmoon Valley
Language(s) Unknown
Status Active

The Bloodthorn pale is a group of pale orcs that inhabits Bloodthorn Cave. These pale are known to drug their victims for consumption using the mushrooms found in their cave. They mostly stick to luring Bloodthorn Ravagers and Bloodthorn Strikers.

On one occasion, Roona and her party camped outside the cave before going on their bounty hunting trip. They ate some of the mushrooms in the area and ended up falling asleep. They apparently fought with Jorril as he didn't fall asleep like the rest. The other unfortunate draenei were dragged into the cave like the ravagers.[1]

An adventurer would later go down the cave to free Roona and her companions, kill some of the pale, and collect samples from the mushrooms.[2][1]

A  [Battered Wolfskull Helm] is found among the possessions of the pale, indicating they were members of the Shadowmoon clan.