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For the pirate ship, see Bloodwake (ship).
Main leader IconSmall Vrykul Male.gif Jorun, the Bloodwake
Race(s) VrykulVrykul Vrykul
Character classes Marauder, Mystic
Theater of operations The Dread Chain
Language(s) Vrykul
Status Active

The Bloodwake are a clan[1] of vrykul raiders located on The Dread Chain and the Molten Cay.

Vydhar says the Bloodwake is a fleet, some say thousands of ships large, that floats on the Great Sea, led by the greatest raider to ever live. His name is Jorun, the Bloodwake. Long ago he left Stormheim to seek a life at sea. He lives only to raid, never in one place for long.[2]




This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.

The vrykul island of Jorundall may be named after the leader of the Bloodwake vrykul Jorun.


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