Bloodwash naga

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Not to be confused with Bloodwash.
Bloodwash Shrine.jpg
Bloodwash Shrine
Main leader Unknown
Race(s) NagaNaga Naga
Character classes Enchanter, Acolyte, Gambler, Priest
Base of operations Bloodwash Cavern
Theater of operations Blasted Lands
Affiliation Queen Azshara, Nazjatar Empire
  Formerly Neptulon

The Bloodwash are a group of naga found along the Red Reaches in Blasted Lands.

The Bloodwash naga and the Rockpool murlocs lived among one another for a long time. They always had their differences, but never provoked one another. However, recently, the naga turned on the murlocs, and now they enslave, sacrifice and force their former villagers to fight one another.[1]

The Bloodwash have set up a fortress in the Bloodwash Cavern, and their remaining members have erected gladiatorial pools and Azsh'ir altars on the murlocs' beach, where they pit them against one another and worship their god.[2]

They have left some Rockpool Tadpoles abandoned upon a series of crates.[3]

The idols they own belong to the Azsh'ir naga.