NeutralBloody Prayer
Start  [Bloody Prayer]
End Automatic
Level 110 (Requires 110)
Category First Aid
Rewards 20x [Order Resources]


Bring 3 Silkweave Bandages and 1  [Field Pack] to the location marked on your map. Treat the Gravely Wounded Moonfall Defender when you arrive.

  • Stabilize the Gravely Wounded Defender


This is my last will and testament. To my husband, I leave the kids, the house, and the enormous wealth I've accumulated... wait, no. To my sister, I leave the kids, the house and my estate.

To my husband, I leave my eternal love. Yes, he'll enjoy having that more.

Also, if someone finds this and can come find me before I bleed out, I'd appreciate some medical attention.


You will receive:
Inv misc questionmark.png 20x Order Resources


  • 5 skill points in First Aid


The Gravely Wounded Moonfall Defender can be found at the Athenaeum, behind a tree.

Gravely Wounded Moonfall Defender

<The patient is bleeding profusely from a large wound. If you know how to stabilize the wound, you'll know hot to treat him.>

Gossip Stabilize the patient.

Gravely Wounded Moonfall Defender says: Whew! I thought I was a goner. Thank you!

The defender hearthstones away.

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