Blow it Up!

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HordeBlow it Up!
Start Sergeant Kregga
End Saronite Bomb Stack
Level 80
Category Icecrown
Rewards 74s
Previous H [80] Establishing Superiority
Next N [80] A Short Fuse


Go to the nearby Saronite Bomb Stack to light the fuse.


This is probably as under-control as this situation is going to get. Let's do this, <name>.

I need someone to light the fuse on those bombs and it looks like you're the one to do it.


You will receive: 74s (1g 32s at level 80)


These bombs look pretty potent. They should at least put a dent in the surrounding structure.


The Saronite Bomb Stack is located at [54.4, 68.2].


  1. A [80] Exploiting an Opening / H [80] Opportunity
  2. A [80] Securing the Perimeter / H [80] Establishing Superiority
  3. A [80] Set it Off! / H [80] Blow it Up!
  4. N [80] A Short Fuse
  5. N [80] A Voice in the Dark
  6. N [80] Time to Hide
  7. A [80] Return to the Surface / H [80] Return to the Surface
  8. A [80] Field Repairs / H [80] Field Repairs

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