Blue Diamond Witchwand (Drums of War)

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Blue Diamond Witchwand
Blue Diamond Witchwand TCG Card.jpg
Full art
"It's more valuable than you might think." - Landro Longshot
Supertype Equipment
Type Ranged Weapon
Subtype Wand
Tags Wand(1)
Rules When an opponent discards a card, put a +1 ATK counter on Blue Diamond Witchwand.
When damage is dealt with Blue Diamond Witchwand, remove all +1 ATK counters from it.
ATK type Shadow
Strike cost 1
Cost 1
Class Mage, Priest, Warlock
Set Drums of War
Number 223/268
Rarity Uncommon
Artist Efrem Palacios
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This article contains information from the Trading Card Game which is considered non-canon.